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Found 10 results

  1. I am getting deeper into prep for my 90g set up (see journal) and will be working on decor over the next few days. I have lots of cool rocks I picked up at my Mother in laws Lake Erie beach and different random wood I have been collecting. I will be boiling them all to be on the safe side. They have been dry and in the garage for several months so most things should be dead already of there was anything. Soooooo....Christmas Moss, I have a bunch somewhat free floating in my 30g waiting on me to use in 90g. Question, what is the best way to attach to rock or wood? I have ge silicone 1, fishing line, food safe cotton string? How dry to I need to make the Moss? I don't want to over dry it and kill it. Thanks in advance.
  2. I've read conflicting things online. Some say it never attaches to things, others say it does. Seems weird to have a moss that won't attach though. Does anyone have experience tying it to wood and having it stay? My plan is to use cotton to tie it down to make a "tree" canopy, but if it'll just fall off obviously I don't want to do that.
  3. This is what I received on March 14: This is what I have now (Please ignore the frogbit root): This is what I'm hoping for Am I on the right track, or is there something else I need to do?
  4. I’ve had my moss bridge for about 10 weeks and it’s still shedding tons of detritus as it converts. Is it unusual for it to take this this long? My Java moss seems to grow faster and doesn’t shed nearly as much.
  5. Is there a way to get an estimate on when live plants will be back in stock (specifically the Christmas Moss Bridge)?
  6. Any idea what is causing my Christmas moss to become so fuzzy? I am guessing algae or fungus. What might I be able to do to clear off the fuzz that won't kill the moss? Its gotten to the point that I am considering pulling the bridge out and tossing it as it really isn't that good of a look.
  7. The lead weight that is included with the Floating Christmas moss balls.. Is it Safe to have in a fresh water tank?
  8. Hi, Is this some type of algae I should do something about. I haven't seen the Otocinclus, shrimp or endlers touch it. It's on a Floating Christmas Moss Ball but nowhere else in the 15g moderately planted tank. The tank is well oxygenated, and there is no other visible algae in the tank There is a lot of flow right next to this.
  9. Im thinking about doing a half a dose more of easy carbon in my tank to eradicate my gsa and my staghorn algae but im worried its going to kill my chrismas moss bridge. What do you guys think?
  10. I bought a Christmas moss bridge a few months ago. It was overcome with algae and I killed the moss trying to get rid of it. What plant would you all suggest to cover the bare bridge other than moss. I really like the bridge in my aquarium (it's between two pieces of drift wood) but I think more moss would just end with the same result. I have extremely hard water (PH of 8.2) so that may be a consideration. The tank is a 29 gallon with a Fluval Aquasky light on it. Thank you for any advice.
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