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Found 4 results

  1. I just lost a beautiful male betta to what I consider a freak accident, but now when I think about it...maybe my fault. I have cholla wood in my tanks, and this male betta swam into the hole on one side and got stuck and died. Very sad, and when I think about it, it could happen easily, so now I will be blocking any holes large enough for any fish to get into before I put it in the aquarium. Hope this helps someone else not have this happen. He had been living in this tank with the wood for over a year.
  2. This tank has been up and running just over 2 months, 55 gal, substrate is a mixture of ecocomplete, gravel, and sand, planted with about 10 Java fern bunches, Java moss, 3 banana plants, 2 dwarf aquarium Lily bulbs. Temp is currently at 78, ammonia, nitrites are 0; nitrates are <10 (I’ve always had trouble getting nitrate levels even to a readable level in this tank). currently stocked with 3 Amazon puffers. I have this white bio-film, or fungus recurring, even after scrubbing it off a couple times. At first it was just on the drift wood and now it’s covering the moss. im less worried about the aesthetic, but will it choke out the Java moss? I can scrub it off the wood with a toothbrush, but how do I manually remove it from the moss? Using shrimps and snails to remove it is not really an option bc of the puffers. Thanks in advance!
  3. So I thought I would add some shrimp to my betta tank. Put 2 pieces of cholla wood in getting ready for shrimp last night. Woke up this morning and my betta had swum into one end and got stuck about 3 inches in. After some woodcutting to split the cholla got him out. Torn up fins. Some damage to an eye but he is alive for now. Anyone else have this happen? Should I have known he would do this?
  4. Okay everyone, it's time for everyone's favorite new game show, "Meet Its Potential!" where we work together to make sure a great piece of aquarium equipment or decor gets used to the fullest potential! (studio crowd cheering). Anywho, I recently picked up this outstanding cholla shilelagh, which my wife said I can't use to club anyone, and I'm trying to decide how I should use it. It's 36" long and goes from 2 1/2" to 3 1/2" in diameter. I'm mainly thinking of ways my neocardinia shrimp and my wood loving plecos (clowns and L397) would like it. I'm considering cutting to maybe 6" lengths and drilling out the center more to use as a cave, or potentially cutting it down the length for halves or quarters and either putting java moss/subwassertang on it or dipping it in repashy periodically. Any thoughts on those ideas or do you have better thoughts to consider? Thanks!
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