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Found 2 results

  1. Hello All! I have been using Seachem Prime for about 20 years for treating water but recently switched to Seachem safe because I change a lot of water and have a lot of tanks. But I have been hearing from many people in my circle that Hikari Ultimate is the best, I was curious why it was the best and I was wondering what the best for chloramines were because my water is super high in chloramines.
  2. Hey Everyone, This may sound like a bit of a commercial, and it probably is. However, Aquarium Co-op now has their new Brine Shrimp Eggs in stock. So over the years I've used tons of brine shrimp eggs going back over 50 years. I'm fairly picky about how I select the products that I use and I had warned Cory and Randy that it would take a really good brine shrimp egg to get me to use them. A disclosure, I did do some early testing of these eggs over a month of daily use before the Co-op team had even figured out how to get them packaged and in stock. So they are available on the Co-op site now : https://www.aquariumcoop.com/collections/breeding-supplies/products/aquarium-co-op-brine-shrimp-eggs I just wanted to let everybody here some positives that I've found with these eggs. They have a really really good hatch rate, right up with the best I've used in the past. They are packaged in a 3.5 oz/100 gram can and are quadruple sealed for maximum freshness. This size package makes really good sense for the majority of hobbyist, not a tiny amount like the little .2 oz vial, and you don't have to purchase a large one pound can to get quality eggs. The separation once hatched is the best I've ever seen. This is for me probably the number one reason to use these eggs, it's a huge time saver and just makes everything with daily hatching of brine shrimp easier. So there you go, it's my commercial, but it is for a really good reason..... Did I mention the new Aquarium Co-op Brine Shrimp Eggs have a really good hatch rate and the separation once hatched is the best I've ever seen?
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