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Found 6 results

  1. What is the long white thing from my cherry Barb's mouth? Is it concerning?
  2. MTS! Yeah, another tank found its way into my home today. will be a dedicated cherry shrimp set up.
  3. Tank Parameters: pH: 6.9 Nitrates: 25ppm Hardness: 150ppm Nitrite: 0 Ammonia: 0 KH/Buffer: 40-80ppm Water Temperature: 82F Hello, I recently had a heater malfunction resulting in my tank dropping in temperature and an ick outbreak. All of my fish have recovered from ick after treating them with Ich-X. This one cherry barb seems to have developed an infection on his head and I have moved him to a quarantine tank with salt. I was wondering what specifically this infection is and what else I should be doing to treat it. His scales seems to be raising and the infection appears white. Thank you.
  4. I just created a topic yesterday about cherry barbs, and now one of mine appears to be sick. He has a bump on one side that almost appears a bit fuzzy, but it's not white at all like typical fungus. He's also having some trouble swimming and staying upright. I tried to take some pictures. Any advice? Water Parameters: pH -> 6.8 Nitrates -> 5-10 ppm Hardness -> very hard (maxes out the test strips) Nitrite -> 0 ppm Ammonia -> 0 ppm KH/Buffer -> I have a hard time reading this one, but it actually looks to be on the lower end of the color chart Water Temperature 78 degrees F
  5. I have had Cherry Barbs in my 10 gal tank and I decided to add them to my 40 gal planted breeder tank Community. I have 2/1 ratio with 9 Barbs. Now I just added a 15 school of Neons Tetra with them. I know everyone worries about Barbs but the Cherry Barbs are peaceful. Sometimes the Neon and Barbs will school together or just swim with each other. My Barb just taught the Neons how they surf off the bubbles of the Sponge Filter, mostly in the mornings. Now the Barbs do chase each other from time to time BUT that’s apart of mating court. They never chase the Neons! It’s so adorable sometimes everyone is segregated into 2 different groups and sometimes their swimming together. However I just wanted everyone to know how amazing Cherry Barbs are in terms of “not” being nippy!
  6. I have nine Cherry Barb fry that are about seven weeks old. It sure looks like they’re all female. Is there a point at which the males get their solid red coloring?
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