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Found 3 results

  1. Parameters: 5.5 Gallon, No Heater, 7.4 pH, 0/0/10 ammonia/nitrite/nitrate, HOB filter, only Dwarf Emerald Rasboras and Ramshorn Snails So I've got a bit of a stumper, and I'm starting to believe this tank is cursed, or something is very wrong. Over a year ago, I had a betta only in this tank with snails, and while he did fine for a while, he began to develop fin tears and rot, and I assumed it was because he was flaring at the snails constantly (and I mean constantly). So I gave him to a friend, and left the tank empty except for the snails for a month. Did several large water changes, let it stabilize, and then added some Neocaridina shrimp, only for them to die one by one, with seemingly no cause. So I left the tank empty again, let the snails multiply, and the plants grow. Then I added 9 Dwarf Emerald Rasboras after the same process. All was fine for a while, but now after about 4 months, 3 have randomly died overnight (on separate nights, spread out by about a month each). Only one was continually pale, but that one actually lasted the longest strangely enough. None showed any stopping in eating, or other behaviors such as odd swimming, lethargy, etc. Would just wake up to a dead fish. I can occasionally see one (and not any specific one) flash, darting into the plant leaves and out. But nothing consistent. My only guesses at this point are: 1. Some resilient disease that has survived the long gaps of leaving the tank empty? All the Rasboras were quarantined after picking them up for 3 weeks, but there were no deaths in the QT tank. 2. Something is tainting the water - but all that contained in there are some unknown stones from the LFS, live plants, plus inert black sand from Petco. Snails have never slowed down, though. This tank does grow hair algae and cyano like crazy though. Despite when testing very low nitrates, and beginning a routine of 50% water changes and shorter light schedule, it still persists. 3. The largest Rasbora, which I've attached a picture of, is bullying the others to death. He's the only one that looks like that in the tank and has that size, so I'd assume the others are females, but I'm unsure. But he chases the other 5 tankmates any time he sees them, especially in the evenings around feeding. I have no idea if any of this is related, but I'm at my wits end after the third death today. This tank has been nothing but grief for a whole year, while the rest of mine are thriving. Any help would be appreciated, thanks for reading my novel!
  2. yesterday night when i fed the fish they were fine and today morning I noticed they were dead. not sure what could be the cause but i noticed their tail fins were torn apart. is it something some other fish could have attacked them. I have guppies and tetras in the tank for lack of sufficient food or may be aggressive fish, i am trying to figure out i have the following in the community tank Guppies Neon Tetra Black Neon Orange Von Ember Silver tip any suggestions or recommendations to identify the cause
  3. Ok so my female apisto died today. I had a sneaking feeling something was up, because she's been very active every day except the past 2 during which she's been hiding under a Catalpa leaf, waiting to shuffle off this mortal coil. Her belly looked full-ish last I saw her alive, slightly rounded, but nothing I'd call bloated like you see in dropsy cases. I just assumed she was well fed. Only one side of her shows that red patch you see in the picture, which was not part of her coloration before becoming ill and dying. She and her fry were the only fish in the tank, a 29 gallon. The male was moved to a community tank over a week ago so he could avoid the female's aggression after she spawned. He appears healthly as can be. There are/were maybe 20 - 30 two-week old fry in the tank. The fry are still in there, just hard to get a count and determine their number/mortality rate, as there are lots of places for a baby fish to hide. But I did just see at least a dozen happily eating BBS. Really not good at diagnosing fish illness or cause of death, so any help would be appreciated. Tank params: pH - 6.8 Nitrates - 5.0 -ish. Definitely well under ten and closer to 5. Hardness - 7 Nitrite - 0 ppm Ammonia - 0 ppm KH/Buffer - 0 Water Temperature - 78 Picture of the deceased below --
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