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Found 3 results

  1. Went the first local fish swap in my area since b4 shutdown. Came home with 5 of these locally bred beauties and a few other fish, driftwood, and plants. It was a good time. Can't wait to get out to more.
  2. Have a bunch of caridina shrimp that jumped ship the last few days. Quite sad to see their dried little corpses around the tank. Its got a pretty good lid too, but there is a cut out that the tubing goes in for the airline to sponge filter (It would typically be a cutout on the tank for a heater). I've had them for over a month and it just happened after I moved the tank a little.. so frustrating. Parameters are 0/0/<10 and about 7.0 ph, 180-120 KH and about 75 GH (Aquarium Coop test strips). I use RODI water and mix in Brightwell Caridina GH+ and really do tiny water changes (1/2 a gallon - they are in a 5g tank every 2-3 weeks - so I've only done it twice so far). My recent change was adding some plants, I'm assuming that's where things went wrong :(, its the only major change (other than a physical move where I picked up the tank and put it in a diff spot, remember its only 5g lol). Anyhow this is my first experience with Caridina's... I had 8, now down to 3. Put something to close the hole, but hoping they stay in and survive. Any hints/tricks/thoughts are appreciated. Edit: I do use Thrive-S for the plants. But I don't use a lot and it doesnt have copper, which is why I use it for this tank.
  3. I am contemplating instead of putting in Neocaridina in my 11 g bowl putting in Caridina. I have fallen head over heels for Caridina particularly the tiger species - raccoons, red and tangerine tigers as well as aura blues. I’ve heard they are hardier then crystals and taibees. My thought is to have a mixed tiger colony to get interesting colors and patterns and then breed those out. I love my Neocaridina tanks (have golden back and blue dreams, had bloody Mary’s before) but there’s the challenge of doing it. I’m going to invest in an RODI system, figure I’ll reminerlize or was considering using 1/2 rodi half tap as my water is ph7, tds 60-80, kh 0-1 a d gh 2-4.
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