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Found 9 results

  1. Why aren't US natives more popular? I want to know how to care for these fish and maybe where to find them? Would love to see what natives everyone keeps. Bluenose Shiner, Speckled Madtom, Mountain Redbelly Dace, Tangerine Darter, Bridle Shiner, and the candy darter.
  2. VideoI don't know if there is one created. Do we have a thread pinned somewhere that has a list of all the species that the co-op has done a dedicated care guide or "species spotlight" for? (or one done by the fish fam that is recommended viewing as well?) The reason I ask, I was watching the youtube community stuff and there was a post of Dean with his plecos. It made me wonder of the difference between a clown vs. leopard frog pleco in terms of their backgrounds and origins. Differences between the two. (apart from price) Then I started thinking about 4-5 different families of plecos and in each of those branches the top 4-5 specific patterns that we tend to see a lot in the videos or online. Just interesting stuff to me and I would like to hear someone like Dean, Cory, Jimmy, Lizzie, Robert, etc. etc. etc. basically anyone who loves the hobby the way that we see from the videos.... I would just really enjoy some content of being explained a bit more about some cool fish. SO.... the big question. What species would you like to see a dedicated video for? This is about as close of a photo I can find for mine... it's a variety of clown pleco. Second choice would be a bolivian ram highlight. EDIT: (Current Working List) African Dwarf Frog Video Amano Shrimp Amazon Puffer Angelfish Apistogramma Video Apistogramma agassizii Arrowhead Puffer Betta Video Bichir Black Ghost Knifefish Black Neon Tetra Blood Parrot Cichlid Video Cardinal Tetra Video CPD: Celestial Pearl Danios Video Cherry Shrimp Video Clown Killifish Video Clown Loach Corydoras (broadly speaking) Video Discus Video Dragon Puffer Dwarf Chain Loach Endler's Livebearer Video Fancy Goldfish Video Furcata Rainbowfish German Blue Ram Glofish Video Green Neon Rasbora Guppies Video Harlequin Rasbora Video Hatchetfish Heterandria Formosa Hillstream Loach Video Honey Gourami Video Kuhli Loach video MBU Puffer Mollies Video Molly, Liberty Molly Mystery Snail Neon Tetra Video Nerite Snails Video Otocinclus Video 1 Video 2 Pea Puffer Video Pencilfish Platies Video Pleco Video Praecox Rainbow Rainbow Shark Rosy Barb Shrimp (broadly speaking) Silvertip Tetra Tiger Barbs Video White Cloud Mountain Minnows Yellow Zebra Pleco - L199 Plants: Marimo Moss Balls Tiger Lotus Windelov Java Fern
  3. Hi! I was wondering if anyone here had kept nannostomus eques / brown tail pencilfish and could point me towards a good source for these fish and any care tips you have. I was thinking of keeping 6-10 in a 20gal with a breeding pair of apistos caca. I recently picked up. Thanks for any and all guidance!
  4. I managed to order 5 today from an online retailer. Is this a big enough group? I've seen a lot of inconsistent info online on these particular fish. For one it doesn't seem like anyone knows if they max out at 6 inches or closer to a foot in length. Also some sources say they are peaceful and some say they are bullies. I was wondering if anyone with experience here might be able to set the record straight. I have a 125 gallon aquarium for them that is currently stocked with denison barbs and boesmani rainbow fish. Would these fish get along just fine in a tank this size? Also would corydoras do well with these archers? I know cories are on the smaller side so I'm not sure if this is a risk or not. If it is a risk, what might be better alternatives? Thanks for all your help in this, you guys have gotten me successfully through many challenges!
  5. Hey all! I was at my local fish store and found these beauties in the image below. The store has them labeled as glass fish, and while I know the internet is a plethora of information, I was wondering if anyone has actual experience keeping them. What kinds of things do they need? Are they pretty good for a beginner to only slightly experienced fish keeper?
  6. Hi guys, So my LFS just got in some Desert Gobies and I want to get them but I wanna know what I’m getting into before getting them, but I have yet to find any good info online. Has anyone cared for these before and can elaborate or maybe point me toward a source for some good information? thanks 😊
  7. Hello all, I was wondering if anyone has kept bumblebee catfish before, I'm getting the smaller ones that stay below 3 inches and was hoping someone would help me with how I can care for them, and also what tankmates would be suitable. Thank you in Anticipation 🙂
  8. Saw the video on them but it’s 3 minutes doesn’t say what temp is best for them how much current etc..
  9. Besides the Co-op resources, what is your most trusted online fish care guide for water requirements, compatible tank mates, etc.?
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