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Found 8 results

  1. Only notice 1 of the cardinal tetra having some weird spots on the body. can someone guess what this is?
  2. I got in some cardinal tetras that did fine through a 2 week quarentine then when we put them in the tank we had for them we noticed these spots show up ive dosed the med trio as the packaging said for over a week with no change. They are eating and active and being kept at about 80°f with agressive bubbles from an airstone in a 15 gallon tank with tiger Lilly and cryps and katapa leaves. 8 cardnals in all. Any advice?
  3. We just got 23 juvenile Cardinal Tetras. I have Micro Pellets and Omega flakes. They are so little even the micro pellets are too big for some of them and the flakes haven’t really reached them. I remember seeing a food that you just stick to the glass and they eat but I can’t find it on the Co-op page. Any suggestions on what to feed them? I have: Hikari Crab Cuisine Xtreme sinking wafers Omega One freshwater flakes Hikari Tropical Micro Pellets Vibra Bites Xtreme Betta Pellets I also have some frozen Bloodworms and some frozen Brine Shrimp but I think I understand these should just be more treats than a regular feeding thing. I alternate the food for my snails, shrimp, Betta and Corydoras. Any suggestions are loved and welcomed!
  4. So we are new to fishkeeping, and decided we want to get some Cardinal Tetras. We researched how many can fit in our 40 breeder tank and decided 20 would be a safe number. We have driftwood, Moss Balls, Java Fern, Amazon Sword, Anubias Barteri, micro sword and mayaca fluvatilis already in the tank. We also have a Seachem Tidal55 and an airstone that is pretty bubbly.... As far as fish we already have, we have 6 Pepper Corys, 3 Mystery Snails, 1 Nerite snail and around 2 cherry shrimps and 1 Amano shrimp. We started this tank two months ago. All of the parameters have been great and show the signs that it is fully cycled. Okay so here's the main part of my post. We ordered 20 Cardinal Tetras for our tank, and we did that all at once, because shipping. They are coming tomorrow. I thought I did all the research I needed, I watched multiple videos from Aquarium Coop and other videos on Youtube as well. Tonight I was watching a video from Dustin's Fish Tanks and he said DON'T ORDER MORE THAN 5 AT A TIME OF CARDINAL TETRAS, YOU WILL CREATE A HUGE BIOLOAD AND OVERWHELM YOUR ECOSYSTEM. How worried should I be about this....and what can I do besides test the water like crazy tomorrow and monitor it ready with Prime and stuff? I was really excited about them coming....but now I am starting to really worry that I may kill everything in my tank? Side note: I know I should have set up a QT but we didn't...and it's too late for that.....we got a little too eager.
  5. Hello, There are two cardinal tetras in my tank showing sings of disease. One of tem have a scar/bump like thing at the end of its body where tail starts. Photo 1 Photo 2 The other one is breathing heavily and pale. It's not as responsive as others pH=7.0 Nitrates=20 Hardness between 7-14 Nitrite=0 Ammonia=0,5 (having doubts about this, using prime) KH/Buffer=10 Water Temperature =77 F (25C) Any ideas?
  6. I have a 40 breeder planted tank with a pair of small koi angelfish, 5 albino cories, 2 panda garra, and 14 cardinal tetras. I'd like to add a small school of silvertip tetras (10ish), because yes, they're cool. But I've also read they can be intimidating to cardinal tetras. I'm wondering if a planted 40 breeder is big enough for everyone to get along. Anyone have experience keeping these two together?
  7. What are some common fish you find at your LFS that beginners probably shouldn't get? I'm thinking less about the species that get bigger than you think, get aggressive, etc. -- more so, the overbred, high-turnover species (or those inherently fragile) where the deathclock countdown has begun by the time they make it to the LFS, or just those species that have a higher chance of success in an established tank (e.g., neocardina). I've witnessed friends and neighbors giving up the hobby immediately after losing their first purchase of neons, cardinals, fancy guppies, etc. It's often difficult to figure out what to avoid when a google search gives you a list of common beginner fish -- and often the prevalence of that fish is the very reason you're more likely to get bad stock. Just from personal (and limited) experience and subsequent conversations with employees at my LFS, the tough ones around here include: - Line-bred fancy guppies - Neon tetra - Cardinal tetra - Rummynose tetra - Rams - Dwarf Gourami What else would you add to the list??
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