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Found 3 results

  1. I recently set up my eheim heater for my quarantine tank and followed the directions carefully (when I say I annotated the instruction manual I’m not kidding). I set the temp to about 78 using the blue dial then waited around 2 hours. I came back to check the temp using a digital thermometer and a glass thermometer and they both measured around 83°. I unplugged the heater and turned the blue dial to about 73 hoping it would heat to around 78 since there’s a 5 degree difference then plugged the heater back in. Checked back 2 hours later and both thermometers still read 83°. At that point I already had the betta fish and figured it’d be better to acclimate the fish already then take my chances spending more hours recalibrating the heater. That was last night, as of this morning the thermometers still read 83° and my betta fish is doing good. Am I doing something wrong with calibrating the heater? Is it urgent that I get the temperature down or is my betta ok with 83°? Ideally I would’ve liked to lower the temp to 78 so acclimating my betta to the display tank would be easier, but at this point I’m a little afraid to mess with the thermometer seeing how finicky it’s been with me. Thanks in advance!
  2. Do you trust your thermometer? I don't! I suspected something was off when I setup my quarantine tank (5 gal.) with a new heater and a floating thermometer and nothing was even close to lining up temp. wise. I set the heater for 78 degrees and the thermometer registered 84 degrees! What the heck! The heater manufacturer claims an accuracy of +- 2deg. so I had 3 old glass floaters left in a box from back in the day and I dropped them in the tank too. So now I was getting readings from 70-84 across 4 different floaters! Nothing was matching up! I had purchased one of those fancy stick on black digital thingies (I hate those things, you gotta use a flashlight to see them) and stuck that on too. That one actually agreed with the heater! Go figure! I've ordered a new floater here from the Co-op and hope it's a good one. So I guess the point here is do you trust your thermometer? How do you verify the temp? It goes without saying how important this is. Any suggestions or recommendations? Temp gun? I'm just getting back into the hobby and I don't want to start out by cooking anything. Thanks for any help.
  3. Hey everyone, I am working on a project that uses a ph probe. I know they need to be calibrated once and a while, but is it true the probe needs to be replaced often?
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