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Found 5 results

  1. I’m pretty sure cardinal/neon tetras aren’t supposed to be this... round. 😆 Any advice on putting fish on a weight loss program? One problem is I have yo-yo loaches, who prefer to eat over the course of ~30 minutes. So after eating their hikari micro pellets, the tetras and gouramis go nibble on the loach pellets and gobble up any mess the loaches spew as they’re eating. The two tetras pictured here are my only full size ones. There are also eight smaller, newer tetras that I just added about a month ago, and for a while I was loading them up on bbs because they were so skinny. Now those guys are already starting to get little tummies so I’m not so worried about them starving. They’re still probably just 1/3 the size of the big ones though. Should I start fasting them every other or third day? Should I give the loaches fewer pellets while I’m trying to get the tetras to lose some chub? Or should I just let them feast their little hearts out and not worry about it?
  2. I just noticed one of my female white clouds has this bump, it's not symmetrical to her body and looks gray in appearance and looks like their might be some internal bleeding towars the rear end of the lump. Does anyone know what this is? Cyst? Cancer? Parasite? Is there even anything I can do and would it be contagious?
  3. My fish started developing this strange pinkish bulge on it body and started acting strange today. Will swim to the top and then drop to the floor. Whats going on? Also seems to stop breating.
  4. Does anyone recognize this bulge on the underside of my fish? Can it be treated? He's a sweet, kind fish and we don't want to loose him. He's in a freshwater 55 gallon tank. Test strips and ammonia check all show safe levels. The growth has been getting bigger over the last 1-2 weeks.  Temp is 76F and ph is 7.2-7.4. Video https://parler.com/post/fc10f895f7644b8881d7996ce155af60
  5. My pregnant guppy has a knob om the one side. I thought she would have given birth a long time ago. Please see the URL link for images. Please advicePregnant Guppy with bump on left side
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