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Found 13 results

  1. As I was feeding the 20L today I notice something new, one of the Buce plants is flowering! The tank has been running since January and the Buce (multiple varieties not sure which is what) took months to look like they weren't on the verge of death. I have always thought they were just kind of hanging on, but I guess they're happy. ☺️
  2. Hello I have a wood branch with Pointy branches tips I Had a tree want to redo the plant . i had moss on it .. Java moss does not like me it died i tried another moss no luck with that either . I thought maybe some Bruce would work and look nice plus & it is doing well on my rocks .. but i want a smaller mini bruce for the branch then what i have on my rocks what kind of bruce is mini small ? i have a Wavy Green on my rock When i used Java moss i cut sponge to shape it and glued the moss on it & spike the sponge with the tree branch .. it looked very nice worked well but devil to clean the sponge when dirty i would have remove the moss and add to new sponge. does any one have idea what i could use for the tree branch point tips to shape the bruce better or would glue work on tip Any help would be appreciated than you i saved a picture of the branch when bought it .. it looks like this Does
  3. Hi I just got Bucephalandra "Green Wavy" and wanted to know if any one has tips to keeping this plant happy
  4. the coop sight says Bucephalandra "Green Wavy" needs low light but I'd like to put it in a higher spot in my aquarium that probably gets medium to high light. Is that okay? Some sites say low to high is okay but I thought I'd see what people here's experience is.
  5. Hey everyone! in my betta tank I have a wonderful peice of dirftwood. This wonerful pecie of driftwood also has lots of crevises to shimmy different rhizome species into. I have moved all my anubias from different tank and added them to the driftwood. Currently that makes it 4 anubias species on this driftwood. But I want more plants that are not anubias for this peice of wood. I was thinking some bucephalandra green wavy and godzilla, but there so expensive. I'm also planning on getting some java moss but that wont be for the next little while. So what are your suggestions for more plants? Ideally these plants would have some redish to them like the buce.
  6. I have started my cycling with a planted tank, and was wondering how badly it will effect one of the plants I got. I have a tissue culture Bucephalandra alamanda, and have read that Bucephalandras really dislike ammonia spikes. It looks like it is doing okay at the moment, but I am a little worried it may be effected by the cycling and melt. It is a cute little plant, and I would like to make sure it gets through this okay. I do have have a bottle of Fritiz Zyme 7 I could add if that may help, I was sitting on it hoping I would not need to use it.
  7. Hi everyone! I'm new to the forum and excited to be here. I just won a giveaway and received a ton of Bucephalandra which I have decided to use as the showpiece in my Fluval Spec V (5 gallon). Does anyone have advice for other plants that I can use to complete my scape? I'm running a low tech tank with the stock light (for now) and am using fine sand for substrate with root tabs. I intend to purchase red root floaters to provide shade, so this will ultimately be a low light tank. I'm currently thinking that the eventual occupants of the tank will be a betta and a Dwarf Mexican Crayfish, but that is TBD. I've been considering maybe doing some crpyt wendtii along the sides and some crypt parva throughout the middle of the tank, but I'm not sure how successful that will be with my sand substrate. I was also thinking microsword?? I want the buce to remain the star of the tank, but I also want to increase my plant load to fight algae and clean the water. I'm currently only running the light for 6 hours a day as the tank establishes and have popped in some EZ green to get things going. Any other general advice people have for a tank this young?
  8. Hi All! I just got a nasty case of anubias rot that took out half of my plant stock in my 5g so I'm shopping for Bucephalandras to replace them. Looking on Buce Plant, they have a ton of different kinds and it's kind of overwhelming. I would love to see photos of yours and get recommendations to help me decide what to buy. I'm open to all kinds in all shapes, colors and sizes. My tank parameters are stable pH at 7.4, nitrates at ~10, temp 76 degrees, low light, low tech. Dosing one pump Easy Green once a week. Thank you!
  9. Hi all, I recently bought some new buce to put on my driftwood and for about a few weeks it was doing good BUT then it started melting A BUNCH for no reason. I heard that newly introduced buce melts. Is that true? Is this normal? When will they recover? Thank you in advance. If you need more info about the tank, parameters, etc, let me know.
  10. Hey everyone. I am a total newbie here and I am feeling a little bit down right now. So, here is what I have been up to. I ordered 5 Anubius Nanas, 3 Nana petites, one anubius golden, 3 java ferns, three crypt wendtii greens, some leopard valisneria, a red amazon sword and about 3 different bucephalandra varieties (9 bucephalandra total). The package was delayed by USPS and took way too long to arrive. It was supposed to arrive in 2-4 days, but instead it arrived in over 8 days. When I opened the package, one of the crypts had disintegrated and the sword was in bad condition, but everything else looked pretty good. ( refunded my money for all the crypts as well as the Amazon Sword, even though I just asked for a refund for the one crypt). The Leopard val was rotting at the tip, but I trimmed off the necrotic portion and planted the rest. Over just the last two days though, I have been looking into the tank, and what was formerly a beautiful anubius golden started developing holes in the leaves. Then the leaves started turning black. Then, all the anubius nana started shriveling up and the leaves started turning black. Same story with 1 of the three kinds of bucephalandra. The bucephalandra is also turning yellow, so I clipped all the leaves off, leaving just the rhizome. I dosed Easy Green as soon as I had planted the sword, val, and crypts, and I added several roots tabs to help the sword regenerate (I had to clip all of these leaves off too, but there is new growth at the bottom). The Java Fern looks good so far. One of the crypt wendtii's is looking ok. The other one melted, so I cut all the leaves off. I bought some ludwigia repens stems from my LFS to replace some of the greenery that's died off and that seems fine so far. The leopard val hasn't exploded yet, but it's just been two days so the fact that it's not melting is warming my heart. Most people I saw on other forums suggested trimming the dying leaves off to the rhizome (which I've done for the anubius nana and golden anubius and for the bucephalandra that was turning black), but it killed me a little bit on the inside because the leaves looked so nice coming out of the package. I think the worst thing is that I don't know whether I'm doing something wrong, or whether the leaf issue is attributable to the shipping delay. My tap water parameters in Columbus, Ohio are: PH: 7.5 out of the tap; 6.8 after running the cheap little Fluval C02 kit. GH: 10 KH: 4 It's uncycled so the ammonia/N02/N03 are all close to zero. Temperature is set to 75. This is what will be my main display tank. I was working on cycling a 10 gallon tank to use as a quarantine tank as well. I cycled it using Dr. Tim's ammonia and Fritzzyme 7. So now, whenever I add enough ammonia to make my API kit read 1-2 ppm ammonia, it will drop back down close to zero overnight. I have 12 cherry shrimp in this tank now, but one of them died and was lying right in front of me after I clipped all of the leaves off the anubius and was feeling depressed about it. I think that, for lack of better words, I was foolish to buy these blue dream shrimp before my tank was better established. I've been feeding them Hikari Shrimp cuisine, but what I've learned is that it would have been so much wiser to put them into an established tank with naturally growing algae. So, the last thing is that right now, I have started quarantine with the med trio on some false julii catfish. This group of 6 is looking pretty chipper so far. My thought is that by the time quarantine is over, there will be enough growth in my main tank to support them. I'll post some pictures down below, but I am just feeling pretty discouraged right now and I am worried that I am doing something wrong with my plants.
  11. First time I’ve ever had a plant flower in any thing I own. And honestly probably the first time I’ve seen it in person. its Pretty neat. I’m try and get some good photos the next few days. I noticed it when I was feeding. It’s got a 48 inch current USA light and a sponge filter. I does easy green/iron when I remember to.
  12. Anyone from the Co-Op team: any idea on when this plant will be back in stock?
  13. So I mistimed my orders by assuming a large piece of driftwood would arrive tomorrow for me to start a rescape project. It's gonna arrive between Tuesday and Wednesday of next week. I had ordered a ton of different types of bucephalandra species. Will Buce be okay vaguely floating in a unoccupied and cycled hospital tank with decent light until the driftwood arrives? Or do they HAVE to be attached to hardscape in order to survive at all? More info on the hospital tank the buce is in: It's fully cycled, has a decent light, and is dedicated to growing plants to a healthy, transferable state since I rarely have to put fish in. I figured if any fish do fall ill and they have to be quarantined, a separate planted tank would help alleviate stress. Thank you for the suggestions in advance.
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