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Found 7 results

  1. Hey, I’ve had some dwarf gourmis for a while and have never seen any breeding action, also as far as breeding I’m a total novice. Does this look like a nest to you guys? Photo isn’t great quality, so try your best haha
  2. I have foam Bubbles on the surface of my 5 gallon fish tank. I just did a gravel vacuum and 50% water change. I used my master test kit before the water change and also three days later. Water Quality is all good so what could be wrong. And yes I used Prime water conditioner. I'm only 8 months into this hobby. I have one Betta fish and one snail in this tank. The tank is six months old. I have other larger tanks that are not having this issue. I also serviced the pumps by wringing out the dirty filter in the aquarium water I vacuumed out. The bubbles appeared three days after tank maintenance. Any Advice?
  3. I have a nano sponge filter that has bubbles escaping from under the top. I've checked the air stone - it's not crooked. I've adjusted the length of the tubing to almost non-existent to about 1" and it keeps happening. Is there something else I can try?
  4. My betta has been acting unusual the past couple days by not showing any interest in eating. He just watches the food float on by. Fasted him for a day. Tried again and the same thing happened. Water parameters are all normal. But a thought came to mind. He recently built a rather thick bubble nest. My understanding is that this usually happens when they're ready to mate. The nest in the past few days has started going away. He's not working on it anymore. Could his behavior be related to the end of his "ready to mate" mode? And he'll soon get back to his usual diet? Or is there no correlation? Otherwise he's still pretty active. Doesn't show any outward signs of being sick. In the mean time, I raised the temp. Got rid of the polypad to let the IAL tannins do its thing. (the IAL developed mulm. Is that a concern?) in hopes if it's just constipation, it'll pass. I was just curious if there's any relation between post-bubble nesting and behavior of a betta.
  5. I recently got a trio of sparkling gouramis and it appears I got two females and a male and I am newer to the hobby and I am interested in breeding these guys for a fun project. What would be the ideal set up for a new 5 gal tank I would start to move the trio to.
  6. So I was doing some routine maintenance on one of my smaller tanks, I had recently added some paradise fish in there along with some mollies. The LFS was trying to get rid of the paradise fish and I got them for free. I've two females and one male. (I think) I noticed all thee bubbles and got a fright! Like it was some sort of weird disease or something, but now I'm wondering is it breeding activity? I don't know alot about these fish so any information is great!
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