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Found 5 results

  1. Hey guys I’m new here and new to keeping fish. I had a 20 gallon tank for about 4 months and had it stocked with neon tetras and a bristlenose pleco and a clown pleco. I just recently upgraded to a 29 gallon tank and still have the same stock in it. 8 neons and the 2 plecos. Will the bristlenose and clown pleco be ok to stay in the 29 gallon? They are both very small maybe only an inch and a half. The clown pleco hides 95% of the time in the driftwood and the bristlenose is always out and about on the glass or driftwood. Thanks in advance!
  2. I currently own a 75 gallon tank and its stocked with Red Spotted Several, Boesamani Rainbow, Angelfish and a bristle nose pleco. My question is that I would love to provide some freshwater plants but am concern if the fish will pick at it. Is there any hardy aquatic plants I can put in this set-up? I appreciate any assistance and advise available.
  3. Hello friends! Today while looking at options for algea control critters, I was on the website of a breeder I found in my local aquarist club. He is not too far from me and breeds starlight bristlenose plecos (L183), and I was wondering if anyone has an opinion on these gorgeous fish. I was thinking of one to help control algea (knowing I will also have to feed). Allegedly they don't get larger than 5" but I am leery. I also want 1-3 pearl gourami but feel there might be fish overload if I get a pleco. My water is on the softer side and slightly lower pH (have to buffer with wonder shells so it doesn't fall below 6.6), and tank is kept at 78, so it seemed this would be a good option. I also loved the hillstream loach but don't think one would be happy in my warm, calm water. Thank you for any advice!
  4. My bristle nose pleco is rearranging the scape I just set up. She has uprooted all of the scarlet temple and dug pits out with her tail. Anyone else have a rescapeing fish?
  5. So here are some pictures of my Super Red pair. Male is short fin and female is long fin. I usually get about 75% long fins which leads me to believe that my female is Aa for the long fin gene, assuming that the long fin is a dominant Mendelian trait (the male is aa recessive for short fin). I've been photographing the eggs for the past few days: This photo is 12 hours after fertilization. This photo is 4 days after fertilization. You can see their eyes and tiny heads attached to the yolk sack inside the egg!!!
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