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  1. Hi I was wondering if I could put a group of corys with a bristlenose pleco. I am setting up a new 105l tank (little over 20 gallons I think) and wanted to know if I could house them together. I tried it in the past but my bristlenose killed two corys but he was very terrotial. I have a lot of bristlenose fry so does anyone know if I grow them up together will they be okay?
  2. I have a 29g planted tank, it only has ottos, corydoras & 1 baby super red BN. After adding new fish this tank broke out with fungal infections. A combo of Kanaplex & API furan-2 knocked it out. But at the end of treatment my pleco started showing signs of something odd on her head. Ammonia: 0ppm Nitrates: under 20ppm Nitrite: 0ppm Chlorine: 0ppm. GH: 150ppm. Alkalinity(KH) 60ppm PH: 7.6- Temp 76°-78° I'm going to upload a photo of the tank & then of her progression. This has happened over the period of 4-6 weeks. I don't know what it is or how to treat it. I keep posting on Fishlore & nobody is responding! & I am starting to be consumed with worry & panic! the last photos are from today. Is this a parasite, fungus, bacteria? HITH?
  3. Hello all, I’ve noticed these yellowish spots on 2 of my 5 bristlenose plecos. 1 has a spot on its tail, 2nd is on the side of the others head. Any idea what they could be? Thanks! 0 ammonia and nitrite, 20 nitrate, 7.5 ph, 260 ppm, 150 gh, 100 kh. 80F
  4. Last night I had to move my 4”ish male bristlenose and I used a fine net. His bristles right at the corner of his mouth got tangled. (are these bristles or more like a barb?) I had to cut him loose with sissors, it had to be stressful for him beyond what was needed. How do you move them? Maybe a corse net with bigger holes? I think trying to catch one in a cup/ container would be almost impossible. And maybe this question applies to all catfish or fish with bigger spine and fins? I’ve had bristlenose and catfish get a little tangled before but always got loose fairly easy. I seen this guy this morning swimming around but he ducked into a cave before I could get a good look at his fins.
  5. Who loves repashy? Bristlenose, snails, shrimp, platy, and of coarse me! That’s who! Did a repashy feeding this morning and I have become a huge fan of this food. I made cubes using this tray I slice all of them down the center but not all the way through so I can feed big chunks to adults, half portions to juvenile, and easier to shreds after thawing for fry.Also made rods @Guppysnail showed me this.Placed all in the tanks what an amazing food. Will be ordering different verities next food order at ACO.
  6. I have a batch of bristlenose fry around 30-40 babies, currently they are in a well seasoned 10G tank. Nothing else in take except some snails. I’m gonna be moving them to a 29G when needed. They are approximately 2weeks old . 2 questions 1)How long before I’ll need to move out of 10G? 2) my 29G is currently empty, I know I will need to make sure it’s cycled but does it need to be seasoned or can I put them in bare bottom and just make sure I keep up on feedings? 2-3 feedings a day?
  7. Hey crew, I hope everyone is doing really well. About 2 weeks ago I bought a few tetras rather spontaneously and didn’t have a quarantine tank so I bought this plastic tub from Bunnings (An Australian hardware store). It’s not too rigid and is 50L - although I haven’t been filing it completely. should I be worried about the set up spontaneously combusting?? There is some bowing of the plastic but it’s doing quite well and I haven’t noticed any cracks or anything like that. Im slightly worried it will burst or something but don’t know if this is just an irrational fear - so advice and experience would be greatly appreciated. Also I pulled a spawn from a bristlenose fair i have in a community tank who have been breeding in the driftwood but I’ve only just given them a cave. I have another bristlenose breeding project on the go but can’t see I to the cave and let them colony breed - so the babies stay in (I have multiple spawns in that tank. It’s pretty incredible to see how many babies there are. Even though I’ve got a tank teeming with them seeing the bucket full of fry is pretty crazy :)) PS. I hope no one has a breakdown over the rainbow gravel - I had it lying around after a 2nd hand tank purchase and wanted something ASAP so it got the call up haha
  8. In the process of transforming our Mbuna tank over to a grow out for Electric Blue Acaras, I’ve made the most awkward scape ever... I left 5x Rooibos tea bags in the breeder net (upper right) over night. Nice tannins developing. Also, I left a pair of bristlenose in the 55 gal. They’ve never had any wood in the tank. But now!! This male is just never, ever, ever going to come out of here willingly. The female is sort of “meh” about joining him. A compromise must be struck... 😅
  9. Two days ago, I brought home a tiny albino bristlenose pleco. He/she was and still is constantly roaming the glass. However, this morning I noticed my pleco has little dots everywhere! Do all albino bristlenose look like this? Does my pleco have Ich? My guppies and guppy fry have nothing visibly wrong with them but I worry they may get sick too since it's been two days. Zero nitrite, nitrate, or ammonia as of this morning. 7.8 ph, 100-200ppm GH/KH.
  10. can regular bristlenose plecos breed with albino bristlenose plecos? thanks!
  11. Yum yum in the tum tum. Just noticed you can see what's going on in there.
  12. What are your experiences with keeping a bristlenose pleco in a tank with Amazon swords? I heard that they will rasp at the leaves, but I also heard that if fed enough plant material (veggies, Repashy) the damage is minimal. I'm ok with some nibbling, but I'd like to know if my swords are in danger of being destroyed. I feed Soylent Green, but I'm happy to switch to other foods. I can also just keep my bristlenose in a sword-free tank, but I originally got it to go in the 75 that I just recently moved my giant sword to.
  13. We went a little overboard at the LFS yesterday (I'm hoping to post pictures soon). We got two albino bristlenose plecos among other new friends. I already have soilent green, Wondering which repashy food with the pleco on the cover I should get. lol. (Ideally, it would be something that would be good for the plecos and that I ciould feed to habrosus corydoras.) We will also be providing drift wood and cholla wood for the plecos.
  14. DebD

    What now ?

    As some of you may know my tank was besieged with huge ammonia spike issues after a child dumped a lot of dead baby brine shrimp into my tank. This was followed by an outbreak of ich that hit 3/7 bristlenose and 2 ember tetras. I know y'all heard this before but at the time and because of availability I chose this treatment. https://plecoplanet.com/health/ick-parasite-treatment-for-plecos/ using salt and Ridich plus. Addressing the illness came first and I have been dosing Prime daily for the ammonia issue. Today is day 10 of treatment. I began 20% wc every other day 3 days ago while continuing Ridich plus. I had seen progress/elimination of spots on the embers and at least 1 or 2 of the plecos a few days ago. Today I found this, which makes me wonder if there is now secondary issues going on. Ammonia is still not under control. It appears my system may have crashed as well. KH/Gh ' 3-4 Ph 6.2 Ammo 4 Nitrite 0 Nitrate 0-5 What next ? There is still medication & a concentration of salt in the tank although I've done 2 20% wc including and Ammonia still isn't budging. I had also lowered temp from 83 to 81 the last 24 hrs What now ? Change treatment and how w salt and meds in tank etc? Help please. Edit. Just found a 2nd one starting to decompose behind/under sponge filter. A 3rd longfin is looking weak. Quarantine tank is full atm waiting all this out the last 2 wks. But at this point....I'm at a loss.
  15. Discovered this easy way to check progress on plecos w/ich and make sure they boost their immune system w/food. I've kept an island of floating driftwood in the pleco tank. During the ich outbreak I noticed the plecos with ich hanging out on it, all the time, presumably for current and O2. Only those with ich were on the island It's definitely making it easier to check their progress, instead of wondering/searching. Yesterday a piece of zucchini had floated up and I spied one of them munching on it so I decided to offer them something today. I figured I'd share this as an idea of how to determine who is sick, check progress, and perhaps spoil them a smidgen 😀 Not sure this will work for everyone but, it's worth a shot 😉
  16. Question: I have a juvenile bristle nose pleco in my 30 gal. (its body is 2in but its a long fin, so its like 3in all together.) I also have a 10 gal with molly fry and some yellow cherries that is getting covered in green algae. Do you think it would be okay to move the pleco into the 10 gal for a few days and see if they can help with the clean up? or is moving it not worth the stress of whatever feast they'll get in the other tank?
  17. Hello all, Recently my Three Bristlenose have turned into absolute nightmares and bullying any fish that go near them plus they are constantly ripping up my plants. My tank stock that is Neon Tetras, Glowlight Tetras, Bolivian Rans and my catfish has always been great and friendly plus my tanks parameters are always spot on - Ph - 7.5 Ammonia - 0ppm Nitrite - 0ppm Nitrate - 20ppm KH - 6dkh Gh - 5 drops 89.5ppm (soft water) The only thing that has changed within the last 4 weeks is frozen blood worms that I have included with their varied diet. Could the blood worms be making them aggressive? My other fish are all normal...ish Any suggestions would be appreciated 👌
  18. bought a little less then an inch bristle nose and she has defently doubled in size in the past month and she has defently bulked up
  19. I just bought it and after a day i noticed this on two of my pleco's . Please tell me if its a bruise or a disease .
  20. Hi everyone, am just setting up a mega flex I got for my birthday over a year ago. Haven't had an aquarium for 18 years so a bit out of touch. Just going to put together a community setup and wondered if I can house 4 or 5 dwarf chain loach with a bristlenose ? Thanks from New Zealand
  21. Hi everyone ive just re homed 3 adult flying foxes and 1 albino bristlenose, I didn’t know they had problems but when given them last night, they all look like they have a little fin rot. the water they were brought in was 🤢 I’ve put them in a nurse tank with water from one of my other tanks, given them some plants to hide in and eat from. I put an air stone a small pump and heater so should be comfortable temporarily till they can go in my clown tank. I was interested to know if anyone could point me in the right direction to fix there fin rot, I’d also like to give them something to cover anything else they may have. I live in the uk and have been unable to get erythromycin or the general care used in America. does anyone know of an equivalent in the uk?
  22. Hi everyone, My husband and I have been trying to help out a young girl with her sick fish. She has Bristlenose Plecos that are very sick with something that we have never seen before. At first glance, it looks like Ich. But, when you look closer you can see that the "spots" are actually yellow looking and much larger than Ich. We also thought that it could be Lymphocystis or Yellow Grub. However, I don't think that it is either of these because this is a very fast acting disease. Her plecos are dying off very quickly. In the past 72 hours she has lost around 15 of them. If anyone could help us identify this we would be so grateful!
  23. hello all - my friend gave me these two plecos. but i don't know what variety / right name of this.
  24. Hi, Searched first, didn't see anything on this. I did find an online topic in a forum elsewhere that was like 4 years old. I have a 1.5 year old male Bristlenose in a community tank. I also have plenty of mystery snails which breed in a different tank. OK, I have LOTS of snails as my shrimp tanks are also pretty much bladder and ramshorn snail tanks. For a long time I had a male Apisto in the community tank and he liked eating the smaller snails, which kept them under control. He'd ignore the big mystery snails. But at night I'd hear a tink tink tink noise when light were out and I'd find the Bristlenose smacking the mystery snails against the glass. Even saw a crack in one of the snail's shells from it. The Apisto is gone, the tank is more 'friendly' now. Aside from the neons, green neons and harlequins I've added zebra danios and some cherry shrimp (the danios only hunt the baby shrimp, I built a rock pile in the back to give the kids a chance). There's one giant mystery snail and a couple smaller ones (between nickel and quarter size) This morning I awoke to a snail... corpse... just a pile of snail meat with the trapdoor still attached. I thought the pleco was just beating the big snail randomly, but can they rip them right out of their shell? It's definitely one of the smaller ones. I guess with the cherry shrimp in there the snails aren't as neccesary, I'm just looking for some verification that it really could be the bristlenose creating these horrific Halloween scenes in the tank, seems nothing else is big enough to pull it off. I thought they were 'peaceful vegitarians'? edit: not sure why the photo is upside down, aplogies...
  25. The babies are about 1/2-3/4 inch long and still grouped at the back of the breeding cone. I moved them to a bucket with a partial mesh bottom and added a well established sponge filter(they are in a 110 gallon plastic trough) because I have a lava rock bottom and I don't want to spend literal hours catching the young. Was that smart to do and what should I be feeding them?
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