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Found 3 results

  1. Feeding BBS every night to the fishroom was starting to get laborious using a pipette. The first thing I did to cut time was to stopping rinsing BBS after hatching and I've seen no difference in my tanks, never going back to rinsing haha. I wanted something that was one handed operation and didn't drip on the floor. I could use a small pitcher but I wanted more control and be able to feed quicker than pouring. I settled on trying these no-drip, bottom dispensing, squeeze bottles. I think these are what Subway uses for their dressing as well. I've been using them for a couple weeks now. I'm pretty happy with the performance. I fill the bottle directly from my Ziss Hatchery. I can open a lid with one hand, squeeze a good shot of BBS with the bottle and move right to the next tank. Cleaning is easy, I simply fill it with tap water, give it a good shake, squeeze some clean water through the tip and dump out the rest.
  2. I understand that one of the best foods for new fry are brine shrimp. I am trying to keep adults and fry together, giving the young plenty of cover. It seems that feeding a live food in the tank would teach the adults to go after anything swimming, including the fry. Am I missing something? Need to hear from those who keep all ages in the same tank.
  3. Pretty long title I know, I noticed Aquarium co-op sells brine shrimp eggs, I was wondering if anyones had experience with buying them, raising them (with quality feed) and feeding them to their Betta as a live treat? Or any fish really. I know live food/frozen food is only as good as what it eats but I was just wondering if anyones tried this. Is there any specific minimum tank size I should get for the shrimp? I know ac-p sells fry food as well.
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