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Found 5 results

  1. Hello all! I was wondering what is the maximum hardness, ph, tds, etc. that you could breed cherry shrimp in successfully as I am debating getting some and my water is very hard, thanks!
  2. I have no desire to breed the white clouds we just added to our community tank. However, I have some females who are so full of eggs that I am feeling sympathetic. Is there something I can do to get them to drop/scatter their eggs? Will they keep holding onto them if conditions are not right for their survival? I know guppies can do that. (Although they certainly don't hold onto anything in my tanks - babies everywhere all. the. time.) Should I be concerned? Thanks, Alesha
  3. Full disclosure: I am no expert at fish keeping and always pushing myself to learn from my tanks and others to improve myself and my abilities with aquariums. I have had some success in 35 years in the hobby first with my dad then as solo over the past 5 years or so but like us all have learned when things went wrong and when things went perfect. Recently I have been wondered if parameters of native habitats were actually a deal breaker for most fish to reproduce or if stable conditions generally within the ballpark of their natural habitat along with some fluctuation to trigger spawning are more important. Nature finding a way seems to occur for me more often than not. Do you find that there any parameters which when different from the natural environment of a species is a deal breaker to getting a species to spawn successfully? More importantly are those conditions more detrimental to being able to raise fry to adulthood? I have had plenty of learning experiences over the years when things did not work out but have also managed to set the stage right for a few species to reproduce with my setups over the years: Goodeids: Characodon lateralis, and Zoogoneticus tequila; Other livebearers: platies, swordtails, and guppies; Mouthbrooders : Strawberry betta, betta macrostoma ( was awesome to learn from but fry did not survive due to an equipment issue), and golden mbuna (my first non livebearer way back when); Miscellaneous unintentional success : panda corydoras, flag fish (guarded eggs like sunfish), and Khuli loach Current projects: Gold Stripe Panaque (3yr old colony); Hairy Puffer (1.5 year old group); Dwarf Pike Regani (1.5 year old pair from group); Dwarf Chain Loach (1 year old group)
  4. if you have different types of danios ( or other schooling fish)do they breed with each other or will they stay pure to their particular type?
  5. I know it’s recommended to keep your female to male ratio when breeding guppies at 2:1. But I ended up keeping five females with one male, thinking it wouldn’t be an issue, but now the male has now developed swimming issues which looks like swim bladder problems. Is it possible that he was stressed due to being kept with so many females? What has been your experience with this? Just trying to rule things out. The females seem perfect.
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