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Found 5 results

  1. Too awesome to not share with the fishfam. Disclaimer: I did a little photo shop edit and cut to "protect the innocent" / make it match my screen name for posting. I earned my first BAP certificate the Colorado Aquarium Society Breeders Award for achieving 50 points in the breeders award program. The two species that got me to the 50 point level were my F1 batch of Crenicichlia regani "Rio Tapajos" And my recent batches of F1 Pao cf palustris alomg with the written report that was essentially posted here in the forum I am slowly working my way master breeder award. Thanks @Cory, I did not realise I could participate in BAP until I found Aquarium COOP way back when. My long term goal is to make Master Breeder like @Dean’s Fishroom or at a minimum have fun with the species I have now and the next species I try keeping happy and breeding in the future.
  2. Don’t have any good freshwater stores around me. Looking at getting a new tank and getting a pair of angels. Aqua Huna and Aquatic arts are sold out. Does anyone else have reputable website to get them on.
  3. Just picked out a few males to breed in individual tub. what are you guys working with this year? got some pictures of your stock?
  4. I woke up today to a big surprise my blue rams spawned for the first time. I've never kept rams before but I wanted to try my hand a breeding them. When I bought them they were smaller than I thought they would be and I thought it would be a few months before they were ready to spawn guess I was wrong. I have a vinegar eel culture ready to go once they start eating. I know rams usually eat eggs the first few spawns so im wondering if I should pull the eggs or leave them in with the parents?
  5. I would love to hear how you guy/gal condition your breeder. Ill start it off: This is for my egglayer - I start by separating my male and female for a few weeks/months in advance. Doing this give the female a stress free environment to build up enough eggs at their own pace. - Both setup will have a airstone or a directional flow for water movement. This will keep them swimming since we are keeping them in a glass box, plus this will help burn off the high protein they are getting. Pretty much exercise, itll help with blood flow, working their muscles, and ect...I do add a bit of calcium to keep their bone stronger, i did notice since i been adding small amount calcium i haven't had a old female with bent back after the breeding season. - As for food Male gets their normal full balance fish food, nothing special. They just need to stay fit, healthy, and active. Female gets a higher protein balance fish food with Folate, vitamin B12, vitamin B6, and the amino acid methionine. Folate, vitamin B12, vitamin B6, and the amino acid methionine are very important in early embryonic development. Most better grade fish food will carry some of the vitamin but i add a bit more just incase the female need more, whatever they cant use will become waste anyway. Live food every now and then - Water quality should always be good The whole idea is to get all your princess in their best condition possible, to be making the highest quality eggs, hatching the healthiest fry If i can think of more ill add more.
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