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Found 11 results

  1. I'm looking for a half-decent breeder box for my 55 gallon so I can breed and raise X. la mintzita platies. I'm new to this, so does anyone have any favorites? I'm considering the Fluval breeder box, but I'm seeing I'll probably need to DIY something to make sure fry don't escape out the outflow holes...
  2. The Pao palustris fry , which are going strong are still just living in a Ziss breeder box in the colony tank 75 gallons. Photo is day 9, this morning, eating live bby brine the orange flecks are brine shrimp for size perspective. What is everyones view on when is the right time to move them from the Ziss breeder box to a grow out tank in the rack system? Once they start getting territorial ? Once i find more fry? ....?
  3. I have eggs in a breeder box with an air stone underneath to tumble eggs does this seem like an ok setup?
  4. Any suggestions on a breeder box. I have some snail eggs that are due to hatch soon and wanted to use this idea instead of seeing up another tank. I will also us it for fry when the time comes
  5. As a small low flow kinda sump like way to remove nitrates with the denitrate from Seachem or a different product my question is has anyone done something similar with a breeder box and helped keep the nitrates from getting too high between water changes ?
  6. I am looking at the Fluval Hang-On Breeding Box to stuff an bunch of plants in behind my tank. I am wondering if anyone has had success introducing water into them without an airhose? I don't have an air pump connected to this tank now and prefer to keep it that way for the noise. Also, the intake with air attachment is pretty ugly (IMHO). I don't have a higher water volume to fill it by natural siphon (I think) but was thinking of maybe a micro submersible. Looking for inspiration!! Any other ideas welcome (as long as it will pass my wife's "it can't look bad" test).
  7. So... Why is the Ziss breeder box worth $35? Not being sarcastic; I'm a novice breeder. I have a $5 floating breeder/isolation box, and I was thinking of getting a second. Is the increased water flow significant? Is it that it stays put? 4 of my 8 molly fry have died in the floating box, but they were also born into the quarantine trio a few days after I bought their moms, so I don't know how good their odds of survival were anyway. (Going forward, I want to do some deliberate, selective breeding of mollies and platies.) Thanks!
  8. Hello everyone, I was just wondering if anyone had tips for making a DIY breeder box for CPD fry. I am currently raising CPD fry in a Marina hang-on-back breeding box. I have very limited tank space, so I am limited to where I can grow out the fry. I would like to build a breeder box similar to what Dean made about a year ago on the channel, but the holes would be too big and since the fry are so small, they would slip right through the holes. I believe I would have a better grow out rate if they had access to a much larger body of water. I figured floating a breeder box in the same 29 gallon, as the parents, would allow them to have access to more infusoria until they are larger enough for fry food. Do you guys have any recommendations for some sort of net that is fine enough to wrap baskets or are there other products out there that could hold CPD fry. I've looked at Pen Plax and a few Amazon/petstore brands, but most look like the netting is too large for very tiny fry. Appreciate any and all input. Thanks!
  9. I have a molly that looks like she's ready to pop. should I just try to provide as much cover as possible for her to give birth or move her. I have Java Moss and some other stem plants. I'm afraid the breeder box will stress her to death, and the male molly's will not stay off her underside.
  10. Hello everyone, what is your favorite breeder box and why? I have had nothing but bad luck with all the crazy creations out there and want an easy way to round up the pleco fry before donating to my lfs! Thanks for your time, pictures or links always help that way others wanting to know can follow! I have glass lids on most of our tanks also.
  11. Assuming the connection is worth using, I could really use the ability to try out that connection for two boxes on a side project this winter. Is that something that will be available through the coop in the future ?
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