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Found 11 results

  1. Hello, I just wanted to share my 72 bow front angelfish tank. I wanted to have high coverage Koi angelfish in it for along time so I decided to get 6 juv fish, grown them up and breed them and pick from that first pairs spawn for this display tank. Here are the results. It’s kinda a jungle mess right now but I didn’t wanna trim it today. I may add a group of rainbows but I’m not sure just yet.
  2. I'm looking at picking up a 20 gallon "D" shaped/bow front tank cheap from Craigslist. I'm open to stocking suggestions, but I'd prefer things that can thrive around room temperature. My 29 gallon stays around 73/74 Fahrenheit without a heater for reference. I've seen info saying honey gourami will be ok around that temp, but Idk if it would be too stressful for them. I know there's not a lot of "centerpiece" options without a heater.
  3. The aquarium obsession has become a thing. We started our first 10 gallon in April and after a lot of learn as you go , we finally got it settled and stable. Today we will be starting to put together a 36 gallon bowfront tank. We decided to go full on rock featured aqua scape with this one. We have been searching for the perfect rocks to build a unique rock centerpiece and I finally found them several days ago. As much as I wanted to just get something together and going and get the tank built, ugghh.. LOL Nope, learn from your mistakes the first time, get this one going right from the beginning. We got the right silicone and took the time to get a nice base built and now 48 hours later we are ready to build the tank today. Rocks are solid and silicone is cured. So excited. 🙂 It's gonna be a busy tank day, as we are changing up our 10 gallon a bit to. We have also been preparing some nice driftwood pieces and will be transitioning the 10 gallon to a more all driftwood/ planted setup. Photos to come along...
  4. First time so please excuse me. I have a 72 gallon bow front aquarium. in it there is 2 bottom cats, just one electric yellow cichlid(I started with 6 but to my only thinking which I was not only one is left there were several colors) anyway the cichlid is full grown but very very shy I am planning on putting more in but only smaller and about 6 to 8 of them. I also have a sucker fish and he is huge when he hangs on the front glass he takes up almost all of it. So this is the real question I want to put sand in the aquarium and I wanted to know if it would harm any of my fish?
  5. Good morning all. I recently got back into the hobby when a teacher my brother works with had a Jack Dempsey she needed to rehome. I reset up my 75 gal and then restocked my 55 gal. I have since rehomed the Jack and have added two more nano tanks. My issue is I have been running into problems with a couple tanks and lost 2 bettas and have already started getting stressed and over whelmed. I am going to be down sizing to a 46 bowfront tank I had set up a few years ago and will be using sand substrate and adding in various plants and driftwood from the other 2 tanks. I would like to move some of the fish I have to it then rehome the rest. Here is the list of fish I have and my thoughts. Please let me know what you think. In the 75 I have 5 medium size Angels, about 26 black neon tetras, 11 pepper corys, 3 otocinclus cats, 3 clown loaches (still under 2") 1 Siamese algae eater and 1 male PK Betta. In the 55 I have 5 pearl gouramis, 2 otocinclus cats (all the oto's are around 1") 9 San Juan corys and 1 mystery cory (was given to me by accident as a San Juan lol) 1 male Betta. Out of all these I'd like to keep the neon's, the algae eater and loaches, move one group of corys to the 46 and split some up between a 10 and 6.5 gal. The one of the Betta's is going to the 10 gal and one will be going to the 46. Not married to the gouramis or angels. And would all the Oto's be ok in the 46? Thanks in advance for your help!
  6. This tank plus my pea puffer desk tank have got to be it for new tanks for awhile! I'm going...a little overboard here with new tank planning. Thanks, COVID! But I'm seeing a nice 36g bowfront on sale at PetSmart right now with a nice cabinet stand (has a crappy lid but I can swap it out for glass + better lighting) and I think it would be perfect for a main (smallish) living room peaceful community tank. I currently have 3 somewhat unhappy pygmy cories that need more friends, so I'm thinking of moving them over. I love the look of endlers and would definitely like a school of those. I'm planning on using a nice, somewhat hefty sponge filter and heavily planting, of course. I think I'd also like to try a bamboo shrimp. So, what else should I put in there to play nice with my peacenics? Gold platys would look cool with endlers, as would harlequin or lambchop rasboras. But I'd love to make room for some nerite and mystery snails, too. This will also be my first experience with livebearers so I'm a little scared of getting overwhelmed with two species of them (but I guess I could always give extra to my carnivores!) Should I just start with endlers, corys, bamboo shrimp and snails for awhile and then add another fish later? And what about substrate? I'm a little afraid of using sand and having it get compacted, needing to add MTS and having them starve out my prettier pet snails. Any opinions on "planted" aquarium substrate?
  7. Hello all first I'm new to the forums. I have 36 gallon bow front aquarium with Angel Fish, Bushey nose super red plecos, two nerite snails and hopefully Tetras soon. I want to try my hand at live plants. I use a Fluval 2.0 light. Any suggestions on a couple different types of plants that I can try and would that light be good for them? Thanks!
  8. The hood that came with my 36g bf has a light in it but it's not as bright ad I'd like it. I have an extra finnex light that will fit but I'm not sure if it should go towards the front or the back. Thoughts? Also I hate this hood but I can't find a replacement that fits.
  9. Hello, How many espei rasboras or glowlight tetras can I fit into a 36 gallon bowfront?
  10. I have just enough space in my living room for either a 55 gallon, a 72 gallon bowfront, or a 60 gallon (same footprint as 55 but taller). My husband loves the look of the bowfront and I love that it’s a larger size that would still fit in the space, but I heard recently they may be more prone to leaks. Anyone have experience or knowledge on if bowfronts are more likely to leak? I noticed the 72 bowfronts are hard to find new, but don’t know if it’s due to COVID or because the manufacturers are discontinuing them. Also, if you were planning on a planted tank, would you go for higher water volume (like the 60) or would the shorter 55 gallon be a better bet? I’m looking at used options and unsure what to get. Fish will probably be cherry barbs, green neon tetras, otos, and honey gouramis. Obviously the 55 is easier to find, but I’m leaning toward a bowfront if I can find a good one and it’s not leak prone. I’d appreciate any advice. Thanks!
  11. Right now in my 20 long have guppies shrimp Corydoras and snails in it I want to add Corydoras to the 45 for sure and want to get a couple kuhli loaches what else would go good with it I have high ph and hard water at around 7.4 and up was thinking of doing rummynose tetras but heard they like soft water
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