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Found 16 results

  1. I have a 20 gallon cycling about one month. No fish, and was previously a saltwater QT. I have been adding numerous plants and a couple snails. This past weekend I added some water lettuce from a LFS. Today I'm seeing small red worms (about 6) swimming in a corkscrew pattern in the water column. I couldn't get a photo, but they look a bit like photos of camallanus. Not sure what I should do about the tank. I do have Paracleanse, Ichx and Maracel as well as Chloroquine Phosphate from when I was saltwater qt. Any thoughts on what you would do if it was your tank? Appreciate all thoughts.
  2. I was giving all my tanks some frozen bloodworms this evening when all of a sudden a scud in the betta tank grabbed a bloodworm and was off like a shot. I was so startled, I thought in was a small fish. (Our scuds are big.) I thought maybe the scud was confused, so I dropped a few bloodworms in one of my scud tanks. The crowd went wild. They loved them. Before long it looked like most scuds in the tank were swimming around hugging a hunk of bloodworm. I have been feeding the scuds hornwort and chunks of pumpkin and banana. Now and then I give them a bit of fish food. I wasn't impressed with the rate at which they were multiplying. I am eager to see if bloodworms will help. The fish in my native tank love scuds. They spend long periods, staying very still in the water, staring at rocks waiting for a scud to appear. At first I thought maybe the fish were confused, or depressed until I saw one catch a scud. Anyone else have interesting food they feed their scuds?
  3. So this has happened in my tank before and I just recently upgraded to a bigger tank. I have an electric blue crayfish and about a year ago I had this issues with white little worms all over the tank glass. Some people suggested it was just paragonimus and that it was normal for a crayfish but I had not had a problem before. After using some parasite cleaner and being very thorough with water changes they went away. this morning I fed my crayfish some blood worms and yesterday I cleaned her tank fresh so there was no other food in there until this morning and I noticed when I got home they are back and this is the first time this has happened in a year!!!! the last time this happened I was feeding her a lot more blood worms and now I only feed her them once in awhile. Could the blood worms be causing this? and if so what other sources of protein could I feed her to avoid parasites like this because I was planning on adding a snail into the tank to help with algae since she has had no issues with snails in the past.
  4. So I have had two instances of feeding my white clouds and them dying and wondering if anyone else has had similar experiences. When I first got my white clouds they were small (2-3 months old?) and i was feeding frozen brine shrimp (adults) along with flake. They started showing signs if distress and would die one by one. I stopped feeding frozen brine and they stopped dying. I have fed them and their 60+ offspring flake, bug bites, and baby brine (live and frozen) ever since and have had no issues. I heard others have had issues with WCMM's and adult brine. This weekend I bought small blood worms and fed them to 3 different tanks: The 45 has ~30 white clouds (3adult & rest juvenile) and 6 corys - It got one cube in the morning (no issue) and 1 cube in the evening (a few hours later issues). The 20 long with ~30 white clouds (juvenile) got a half cube (no issues). The 10 gal with 7 adults got a half cube(no issues). I noticed an adult female in the 45 resting on a leaf and distressed "breathing" (buccal pumping?) last night. This morning her and two juveniles were dead. Their abdomen was opened around their anus and the snails were doing their thing. I'm wondering what may have happened. Are blood worms too much for WCMM's? Are they gorging themselves and need less? Is it an internal parasite issue and the blood worms stopped them up? I haven't had issues before so I'll likely just stop feeding blood worms, but was wondering if anyone else had a similar experience with White Clouds that may shed light on this mystery.
  5. Cycling a new tank and these have moved in.
  6. Wanting to get one or the other(live) for my coryadoras. Could anybody inform if one is overall better than the other? Pros and cons? Thanks
  7. Who feeds live bloodworms and how do you make sure you clean it right?
  8. Blood Worms. LoL Let me get in my time machine, go back and help them get rid of them.
  9. I am one of those fortunate people who have a severe allergy to Blood Worms. Frozen Blood worms if they get in my eyes will swell my eye shuts and make me sneeze my head off. I made the mistake last year of trying freeze dried blood worms as an alternative and breathing in the dust from opening the bottle landed me in the emergency room. Needless to say I will read fish food labels closely when I buy fish foods to stay as far clear of blood worms as I possibly can. That said, I would like to try live and/or freeze dried black worms. Does anyone have experience feeding any kind of black worms after realizing they have a blood worm allergy. No other food I have ever fed, frozen or free dried have ever given me problems to date. Thanks everyone.
  10. I've been feeding them for a while now, freeze dried and frozen. Well last night was no different! I like holding the frozen gumdrops for my dojo's to eat from my hand while letting some sink down for the other fish to enjoy. I woke up this morning with my eyes almost swollen shut, I've had other mild symptoms over the past couple of weeks as well but shrugged them off as the usual springtime allergies. I guess I'll be gloving up if I plan on physically handling them from now on.
  11. What is the bright Red worm that was attached to the Aquarium Coop Dwarf Sag Delivery received today? Hard to get picture only 1/8th of inch.
  12. I bought some blood worm cubes from my local fish store. I took about 20 minute to get home and when I arrived the package was a little bit defrosted but not completely. I immediately put them in my freezer but will they go bad because the defrosted a bit?
  13. My fish absolutely love bloodworms. I keep reading that frozen is better than freeze-dried but there's no real reason as to why. Some say it's because they expand and cause bloat, some say there's less nutrition in them, and some say that they're functionally identical. I'd love to know. I could get frozen blood worms from my big box pet store but 1) I like supporting the coop (they're one of my 2 LFSs, although I've not been in person yet!) and 2) freeze-dried is just easier
  14. Just curious, anyone else out there allergic to these darn things?! I’m not talking shellfish allergies; I mean allergies to the cute, colorful guys with gills and tails. Mostly I have to avoid eating them. Last time I accidentally had something with salmon in it, I thought I was going to die on my bathroom floor. As for the hobby, fish food gets me — tetra flake and bloodworm especially — if I get my fingers near my eyes after feeding. Ugh. Misery! Mostly I use aquascaping tweezers to handle food as much as I can. But . . .now that I think about it, Xtreme krill flake has thus far been good to me. So far, no insane eye itching mishaps. Anyone else in a similar boat?
  15. I gave my golden wonder killifish and my pea puffer some bloodworms before I smelled them and they ended up smelling like they're spoiled. like they're rotten. Will my fish be ok or are they going to die?
  16. Hi, I got my fish some frozen blood worms and brine shrimp. On the way home I had to do a few things. They were out in open air for about two hours and then were cold for 6 hours, only then did I get them in the freezer. Do you think I can still feed my fish it or is it not safe? Thank you!
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