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Found 4 results

  1. Who feeds live bloodworms and how do you make sure you clean it right?
  2. I've been feeding them for a while now, freeze dried and frozen. Well last night was no different! I like holding the frozen gumdrops for my dojo's to eat from my hand while letting some sink down for the other fish to enjoy. I woke up this morning with my eyes almost swollen shut, I've had other mild symptoms over the past couple of weeks as well but shrugged them off as the usual springtime allergies. I guess I'll be gloving up if I plan on physically handling them from now on.
  3. In the past few months I've been having a constant reaction on the skin between my fingers, bumps with extreme itching, sometimes my upper arm will itch and get red after I've been in the tanks. I thought perhaps it was the "all in one" fertilizer. I've also been sneezing like a mad fiend and having to use my puffers more for shortness of breath during this same period. In the past I used long sleeved gloves, but since I'm not putting medication or Excel or Paraguard in the tanks, I go bare skinned... always washing my hands and arms at least 3 times after coming out. Look what I've learned! I believe I'm one of a few that have an allergic reaction to FROZEN BLOODWORMS! WARNING: Bloodworm Allergies Are Real for Some Fishkeepers Bloodworm induced Anaphylaxis Asthma progressed big time, sneezing, eyes are dry. These side effects lasted up to a week even with puffers. Guess I'd better start re evaluating wether it's worth feeding blood worms.I don't physically touch the blood worms either, use a pipette or baster... it seems it's once they are in the water. I usually defrost 3 blocks of Hikari per tank, and feed liberally twice a week. UPDATE: I'm not feeding frozen blood worms anymore, there's enough information out there on allergic reaction to prove it isn't worth it. " Once you're allergic to bloodworms, each reaction gets worse; best to get them out of your house." What I experienced from bloodworms is not worth the risk to my health even with protection. So $25 worth of bloodworms went to the trash. I'm a nurse by trade, and made the mistake of not reading the fine print! Now a few months after water changes, I have no symptoms what so ever. Back to using aquarium gloves as well, I'm preferring dry arms! Hoping this information will help others that might experience an unknown reaction. ****** Hikari warning. Handling frozen food that is derived from a a live animal can cause the same allergic reaction possible by handling the live animal itself. To avoid potential problems always throughly wash your hands immediately after use and before contacting your nose, eyes, and mouth. Avoid contact with open wounds. ********
  4. Just curious, anyone else out there allergic to these darn things?! I’m not talking shellfish allergies; I mean allergies to the cute, colorful guys with gills and tails. Mostly I have to avoid eating them. Last time I accidentally had something with salmon in it, I thought I was going to die on my bathroom floor. As for the hobby, fish food gets me — tetra flake and bloodworm especially — if I get my fingers near my eyes after feeding. Ugh. Misery! Mostly I use aquascaping tweezers to handle food as much as I can. But . . .now that I think about it, Xtreme krill flake has thus far been good to me. So far, no insane eye itching mishaps. Anyone else in a similar boat?
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