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Found 7 results

  1. Temp: 71f Ammonia: 0 ppm Nitrite: 0 ppm Nitrate: 7-10 ppm pH: 8.2 I just noticed 2 small black spots and some black fin discoloration on my new baby Red Cap Oranda. He just arrived six days ago, so he’s very new, and I’ve been watching him carefully. I’m fairly certain I would have noticed these spots if they’d been there previously. I’ve read that black spots can appear for a number of reasons: 1) bruising, 2) ammonia burns, 3) external parasites. The fish were shipped to me overnight and were in transit less than 24 hours. Could this be discoloration appearing from ammonia burns or shipping trauma? He doesn’t seem to be scraping against objects or substrate, but I did notice him sort of “shimmying” this afternoon, which prompted me to post. Would appreciate any insights. Thanks in advance! —Juli
  2. Greetings all! I'm really hoping the collecting knowledge & experience here can figure this out. I'm stumped The basics: these are "green lightning" platies. I have four in a 10 gal hospital tank, separated when I realized they had a problem. It started with a small black spot on top of one's head and I started researching it. Soon after I noticed all four of these same type (no other platies in main tank) were looking ratty and I moved them out. That was weeks ago and things have slowly gotten worse. I have tried treating with Melafix first, then added Pimafix to a daily alternating schedule, no improvement. I later noticed a few little while spots on one tail and then switched to ich-x for several days now. They've all four just continued getting worse and now there are black spots on one or two of the others, one having very pale and scraggly looking scales with red showing through... My first question is if they can even be saved. Their activity and appetite are unchanged and totally normal still, which made getting any useful pics difficult. I'm attaching the best I could manage. I've regularly checked water params and all are normal, and did a 50% water change last night as part of the ich-x instructions. Here's the current... very soft water params. Seems I'd forgotten to check more than the API master kit does. Will start trying to figure out how much SeaChem Equilibrium the tank needs. I have a RO/DI system for tank water. Tank size: 10 gal Ammonia: 0 Nitrites: 0 Nitrates: 0 Hardness: 0-25ppm Buffer: 40ppm PH: 6.8 Now that I see the water is so soft, could that be hurting or preventing their recovery? Any recommendations on how to adjust the hardness/buffer/ph without doing a chemistry experiment? I tried the Equilibrium in the main tank once and the hardness went to what I wanted (I think) but the PH shot to 8.4+, which I did not expect... I've let that come back down on it's own from water changes. Hopefully I've included enough info. Any and all help is appreciated.
  3. It looks like I have a problem with my Pogostemon Stellatus 'Octopus'. One plant it looks like the bottom side of the leaves are turning a off white color and the bottom of one has black spots on it. Any ideas?
  4. My community betta was sitting on th bottom with her fins clamped a few weeks ago so I put her in QT and treated with maracyn and paracleanse. Fins are all out and she is swimming all over but I've noticed this black marks kind of in between her scales on the back half of her body. Almost looks like dirt. Any ideas what this could be?
  5. I've had these black spots on this plant, I've kind of forgotten what kind of plant it is since I've gotten so many, but does anyone know what these black spots are? I've had the plant for about one and a half weeks now. Is it some kind of deficiency or is it typical for some leaves to die due to different water parameters? Not all the leaves are black, but about 1/4 of them are. Nitrates are around 20, Nirites 0, Ammonia 0, Ph 6.8-7.5 depending on CO2. I turn on a small light in the morning, then at noon use a bigger light, then stop it around 4 and turn the small light back on. About 6-8 hours of light
  6. Water parameters: pH - 7.4 Temp - 78F Ammonia/Nitrites/Nitrates - 0/0/~10-20 dKH - 3-4 dGH - 8-16 (depending on water changes and when i last added a wonder shell) So a week and a half ago I found one of my guppies laboring near the top of the tank with a large, lumpy, swollen abdomen and a mild prolapse. She had been perfectly fine that morning. I gave it overnight in the naïve hope that she was about to have fry, but the next day her scales were clearly pineconeing so I put her in the hospital tank with the meds trio and little hope for survival. Surprisingly, over the next couple of days the swelling went way down to more or less normal and her behavior and appetite also returned to normal. But she also developed a black area on her abdomen with some scale loss. She spent a week with the meds trio and minimal feeding- I did a 30% water change on day 7 and began feeding once daily. She is still eating/swimming/pooping normally but this black spot is still a concern and now her abdomen has taken on a bit of a pointy shape. I included 2 pics here- the one in the breeder box is from a week ago when she was already looking better (the spot was much darker in reality than the picture shows). The other pic with the pointy belly is from today. Any ideas on what this is and what my plan should be from here? Is it disease? Injury? Infection? Parasites? Internal failures? Should I remedicate? Just observe? Feed less? Salt? Any and all help appreciated- thank you.
  7. I have a Sunshine Cichlid that has a black mark on its dorsal fin. I have seen this before on a Venustus cichlid I had. Overtime with the Venustus the black mark grew and permanently damaged the dorsal fin and then moved onto the body adjacent to the fin. It kinda looked like a tumor once it started growing on the scales. The fish did die, but I was unsure if the mark caused it. Overall the fish seems fine. I have done a ton of internet searches and have not been able to find anything to assist me in identifying and treating the condition. No other fish in the tank have been impacted. Thank you in advance for any help.
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