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Found 2 results

  1. Hi all, I have been trying ways to raise black ram fry. I am successful with hatching eggs, and transitioning the wrigglers to the free swimming stage. However I am having a hard time keeping the free swimmers alive. I have tried using the ziss breeder box and also raising them in a planted 15 gallon. Don't have much luck so far. I get only 20-30 survivors from two batch of eggs, with around 2 - 4 that are actually black. Rest are all gold. The massive die offs happen on day two or three of them being free swimmers. I know this from not seeing much fry at the surface of the water but not from seeing dead bodies. Not sure if it is because I don't have a bare bottom tank. I just have small populations of ramshorn and cherry shrimp in the 15 gallon. Could they be munching on the fry when they are sleeping? The nitrate level is around or less than 10ppm. No ammonia or nitrite. Water temp is around 82 and there is a sponge filter in there. Daily 30% water changes did not help with keeping the swimmers alive. I feed the fry at least four times a day, when the lights are on, with roughly two hours in between. I stopped feeding egg yolk since they rot easily. I do feed a mixture of first bites and sera micron. When the surviving fry gets bigger, I feed them BBS. I noticed that the free swimmers all love to stay near the water surface so at first I just dusted the food onto the surface. But now I am experimenting mixing the food in water and squirting it in. Does this makes a difference? What I may try next is to experiment raising them in a specimen box to see if the fry are dying off due to possible low food concentration in the 15 gallon. I heard that it may take two generations of fish to make them really successful in your own water. Is this what is happening here? Have you had issues raising ram fry from "1st" Gen parents? Any insight is much appreciated!
  2. I recently got a pair of Dark knight rams and they are good quality black but they are not pitch black. I heard that if I breed a black ram to a gold ram intensifies the black. Is this correct or is there another way to produce darker color in my black rams?
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