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Found 2 results

  1. Hello ! As I've said in my presentation topic, I am a total beginner in the hobby and my current goal is to get a 29 gallon tank going with the following fishes : - 1 Pearl Gourami- 10 Celestial Pearl Danio- 7 Black Phantom Tetra- 4 Emerald Green Cory Right now I'm gathering as much information as I can while trying to understand all the subtlety of getting a tank ready to welcome my future fishes ! Here's the current list of questions that I'm trying to find an answer to : - Should I buy a "all in one" tank with a filter, a thermometer and all the part that I need or should I get just the tank and buy all the part separately to know better the tools and the pieces that I'm going to use. On this question, I'm currently leaning a bit more toward the "empty" tank and buying all the other part apart just because I like to know what I'm using and I think it'll be reassuring if anything broke or have any kind of dysfunction but also because I can't really find any good recommandation on a "all-in-one" tank but if you have some recommandation for that, I'll glady take them. - Are the fishes that I've picked gonna do well together ? That's one of my main interrogation, I'm pretty much terrified to wake up one morning to find that some fishs as been injured or killed by others. After researching a lot on that subject, I've come to the conclusion that they should be all alright and happy together but if you have any knowledge on that, let me know - Cycling, live plants, water parameters This is one of the big question too, I've read and looked at a lot of video about this subject but it seems that there is tons of "techniques" and "methods" to get the tank cycled and at this time I'm not really sure which one to pick and how to do it rightly. As for the live plant, my choice are currently leaning towards some species such as : Amazon Sword Plant, Marimo Ball, Java Fern and Anacharis but there's a lot to learn on that subject for me as for the substract choice per exemple or if I need to get special lights to grow the plants. - Once everything is set-up, what's the best way to introduce the fishes to their new home ? On this question, my thinking is leaning to think that I should add them by their species, like : adding the Gourami then waiting few weeks and adding the CPD and waiting few weeks to add the cory cats then waiting few weeks to add the Tetras but I'm not sure at all that its the best way to do it. Thanks for reading all of these, I hope its making sense (and I hope my english is not too shabby haha)
  2. Hi folks, I'll do the whole introduction on my second post, but for now I'm concerned about my fish. I'll link a detailed video below. Basically, my poor tetra's face seems to be falling off! I'm not sure if it's disease, because this seems to have happened in a matter of hours. But if it's not disease, I'm at a loss. There are no "aggressive" species in the tank, and my parameters are all normal. Any help is appreciated 🙂
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