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Found 3 results

  1. Today I turn 41 years young and my children each picked me out 10 apple snails for my 120G tanks I dont think I should tell them it probably wasnt a good idea to seeing how the tank houses a Juvenile fahaka puffer. Maybe he will ignore these ones lol Whoops
  2. Starting a journal post for my birthday tank!! 🥳 There will be a betta (there has to be a betta!), but I'm definitely looking forward to more livestock and plants variety in this tank vs. my 5 gallon tank at school. My plants arrived today for a tank that my husband is purchasing for me for my birthday! He got off easy (but he has no idea, haha!)...I asked for him to grab me a tank (14-20 gallons) and some substrate. I requested the Fluorite this time...I'm interested to know if I'll like it better than the Fluval Stratum! I'm a little too fond of a neutral pH to love Fluval Stratum! Here's my plant list: The water lettuce is the only thing that arrived looking slightly worse for wear (it broke into two pieces!)...but I already love it, so I hope it survives! Here's a picture of my bucketful of sunshine (kinda like a pocketful...only better!). 😜 I purchased some driftwood, a Marina Slim 20 filter, an Eheim Jager heater, Fluval Cycle, Fluval Aqua Plus, and a gravel vacuum off of Amazon. My parents bought me some Xtreme Krill Flakes, Anubias Barteri, a USB Air Pump, and a Ziss Air Stone from the Co-Op for my birthday. Most everything else I already had from what I purchased for my 5 gallon tank at school. I still need a test kit, a light, and a turkey baster. 🦃 Y'all will have to let me know if you have any experience with these plants...or any fun betta buddy suggestions for stocking! I'd really like to get a schooling fish...and I'm definitely getting some shrimp!
  3. Was thinking of making it a apistogramma tank or pea puffer tank ? What y’all think or what else would look good that can possible breed or just for looks ? Thanks in advance for ur opinions I love getting people’s opinions:). PS got these three plants for it 🙂
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