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Found 5 results

  1. My daughter has accepted her scholarship offering and will be attending the University of Vermont in the fall to study Biochemistry!! It has been a long process of applying and waiting, and we are just so excited to finally be at this point. Anyone here attend UVM? I've been to Burlington many times, it's such a great little city! Excited to have an excuse to keep visiting! I'm a proud Mama Bear! Thanks for letting me share the news! 🎉
  2. Hello all! I'm currently in a biology class and have the opportunity to conduct an independent research project or experiment for an assignment, it does NOT have to be complicated or extremely in depth. It can be on any biology related topic, so I'd love to do an experiment involving something aquarium fish/aquatic plant related. I thought it might be fun to see what kind of ideas for experiments some of you might have – I'm currently brainstorming and am allowed to ask for ideas, so hit me with your best shots! Examples: What is the best form of ammonia/waste to use to cycle an aquarium? Does the temperature of the water affect the basking frequency of aquatic turtles? How does gravel depth affect the growth of [some plant]? Basically, a question where I can isolate a variable and gauge the animal's/plant's response to changes in that variable. And also preferably something that won't take more than a month or two to gather data. Open to anything, let's see what you all got!
  3. Hey all! I am a marine biologist located in the Seattle area. Interestingly enough, I worked briefly with Cory way back when, when he first started up aquarium co-op to advertise his business stealthily at an undisclosed national petstore chain while I was in college. I do not currently own an aquarium, but intend to hover the forum and help biology and chemistry related questions. I am a huge fan of biotope aquariums and I use to establish tanks and sumps and sell them. I am going to try to breed dragonfly/damselfly larvae as feeders for large fish. I will post tech articles on this when I get some trial and error under my belt In college I had a 55 gallon long tank with an eclectic mix of rejects that I adopted from said undisclosed national petstore chain customers. It housed a 6" gold siamese algae eater, 5" gold bristlenose pleco (m), 5 gold gouramis, a 4" convict cichlid, and an unidentified 2" sunfish. That tank was bursting with personality. The algae eater and pleco hated eachother and stayed in opposite caves on each side of the tank. The pleco would hoard hikari algae wafers in his cave and the algae eater would have to bravely try to steal them over to his cave. The convict cichlid was an absolute puppy who just wanted to be friends with everyone. He was actually the only surviving fry of about 10 that I grabbed to feed the sunfish. So he started life in my tank as a 2mm babe and within a year hit 4". When I graduated college I gave away these fish to a wonderful family who were putting them into a 250 gallon community tank.
  4. Anyone who knows me knows that I LOVE angelfish. I came across this article explaing the recessive and dominant genes of an angelfish. Keep in mind that when breeding angelfish this isn't a must have information all though it can be very helpful when trying to breed a desired trait for an angelfish. This a very interesting read and I reccemend it to any nerm that likes sience or biology. https://pethelpful.com/fish-aquariums/How-to-keep-Angelfish-Tropical-Tank-Set-Up Here are the recessive and dominant genes in a angelfish: Common Phenotype Genetic Symbol Domestic Silver + Dark D Marble M Gold Marbled Gm Gold g Zebra Z Sripeless S Smokey Sm Veiled V Streaked St Pearlscale P Albino a a Capitol letter being a dominot gene and lowercase being a recessive gene.
  5. Everyday I look at my aquariums I'm reminded about how much I love them so much and I'm so fascinated by all the little things that pop up and this mini little eco system I have in my own home that I get to observe every day. I personally just love going up and sitting and watching for a half hour and just seeing the fish do their thing searching for food and chasing after one another, and I love whenever I see new fry or I'm like look! That val made a baby or that anubias has a new leaf or dangit the duckweed has taken over (btw #brotherhoodofduckweed) but its just all those smaller things that makes it for me and seeing how this ecosystem I have evolved, and it led me to want to see what others enjoy about this hobby, so now I extend the question to all of you. What do you enjoy most about this hobby?
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