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Found 4 results

  1. I’d like to set up my Biocube 32 on my crash cart. Unfortunately, the cube is a few inches to long and hangs over the edge There is a lip that goes along three sides that keeps me from sliding the aquarium back anymore. I could slide a piece of plywood on top that fits within the lip but that hangs over to support the underside of the aquarium. Since the aquarium isn’t the width of the cabinet, I’d probably cut the plywood to the shape of the cart and aquarium. I could make the plywood go over the whole top of the crash cart by notching out a spot for the lip to sit in. This way I could scoot the aquarium back some. I may have to take the silver bar off and lay the plywood, with channels cut out for the lip on the cart to rest on it. BUT!!! Will these casters even be able to support the weight?
  2. I have a small corner that I want to put a peninsula style tank in. I am considering a BioCube 32 or Fluval Flex 15 for this corner. What are your opinions on these two units? I'm not crazy about the plastic look of the BioCube but I can get more tank for the width that I have space for. I only have 26" of wall that I can take up. What are peoples thoughts on these two units, or do you have any other ideas on what I can get? I want to keep the look of the equipment clean and not visible that's why I am considering these two units. Thank you for the response.
  3. I recently bought a used 8 gallon biocube that I am going to use for a Betta. The old lights in the hood still work but will need replacing. I would rather gut the hood electronics and replace the lights with a LED panel. Without modification I have about 4x10 inches to work with and 7x10 if I make some changes to the reflector etc. Any suggestions for LEDs that might work?
  4. Looking for ideas on what to use as the filter media on my bio cube 32. also has anyone else tried a freshwater planted setup in this type of tank how did it work out if so. Thanks,
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