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Found 6 results

  1. Ive added a prefilter to my Aqauclear 20. Wanted thoughts from the group on ditching the small bag of ceramic bio rings in order to make more room for another layer if fine filtration. My thought process is its such a small amount of bio rings that its overall contribution to maintaining healthy bacteria is small compared to what is left in the mechanical filtration. Am I overthinking this?
  2. My two gold fishes got internal parasite, thy are in hospital tank. Removed carbon for medication only active in air pump. Can I use Purigen and Bio Rings to the hospital tank filer system instead of carbon. I want to make sure Purigen and Bio Ring are not like Carbon effect. Medication instructions stated remove carbon bit nothing else stated. Please advise.
  3. Has anyone combined biorings (ceramic) with undergravel filters?
  4. I know this is something that people don’t normally do. But I have some extra media bags and bio rings that I want to put to use. I was thinking of putting one or more bags of rings inside the tank hidden in the gravel as much as possible. I was thinking of putting one under a sponge filter or under the spot where HOB filter flows into the back of the tank. I want to hide them as much as I can. Would this provide any benefit, or would it be a waste of time.
  5. Today I swapped out the cartridge thingys that came in my HOB for stacks of coarse filter media. I did keep the bio rings, but less than before to make room for a fine polish filter on top. Do I need the bio rings? As always, thanks for the advice. This place is a treasure!
  6. I have been in the hobby of keeping tropical fish off and on since the mid seventies . TFH books and my local family owned fish shops had been my source of info for years. I took about 5 years off when I moved from New England to Tucson and did not move with my fish. I am recently back into fish keeping and how things have improved. The internet is now an unlimited source of info and an fine example is Aquarium COOPs video on saving money by modifying hob filters. I will never buy filter cartridges again! But have a few questions. 1) All of the cartridges from the manufactures have carbon in them. I had believed that it was an important part of a healthy planted aquarium. But with your modifications I do not see what replaces the carbon. Was it ever necessary? If so what replaced it in the new mods? 2) I use bio rings in my filters, did they replace the carbon? 3) Cleaning the sponges is mentioned but not how much to clean them. I know the bacteria is important part of the process but how much do you clean the sponges? As a side effect of the internet I now have a lot of media to stuff into my filters and am not sure if I am missing something. I have a lot of new ideas from way to many different sources and am having trouble integrating them into one plan. Thanks to all and any who can guide me in this wonderful addition to our lives. My last word, on another subject is: Bettas need bigger spaces! If your head won't fit into their tank it is too small! Just sayin' Mick
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