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Found 3 results

  1. Hello! My betta has recently been acting a bit strange--she's been lethargic, breathing heavy, and rubbing her gills against decorations in the tank. This morning I noticed this red, worm-like entity sticking out from under her gills and am now concerned that it is a potential parasite. Has anyone seen this before? Some background: I've had her for about 3 weeks and she lives in a planted tank with a bulldog pleco I added about 3 days ago (he seems to be doing ok) I feed her Omega One betta pellets and occasional frozen blood worms The tank is kept between 79°F and 80°F There is an airstone for added oxygen Water parameters: Ammonia: 0 ppm Nitrite: 0 ppm Nitrate: 0 ppm KH: 0 ppm GH: 30 ppm pH: 6.5 Thank you!
  2. We have a Koi betta fish and is sick for some reason. The pictures of his current condition is in the attached links. He has a very swollen lip and holes in the fins. https://drive.google.com/file/d/19GWQrXi7A5ssy1wYk0-BAfduDWoz2kwG/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/1h8dZDO7iwpheXCYqWYNdOXq8TRA137eF/view?usp=sharing What would you recommend us to do to save him? We just bought Microbe-lift Artemiss-natural expellant for bacterial diseases from Petco. We were advised to add it into our 4-gallon tank and change 75% of tank water for 3 days straight. Could someone give some advise? Thank you!
  3. My Betta has something that looks fuzzy on one of his ventral fins. It was not there yesterday. I wanted to confirm with someone who has more experience than me on what this is? Ich? My 10 gal tank is 4 mo old, planted. I have 3 Otos, 2 Pygmy Cories, and a Nerite snail .. along with an outbreak of pond snails and Ram snails from a plant I did not quarantine. I change water weekly (last change 50% 2 days ago). I have Corys’ trio of meds and didn’t want to treat more than I have to. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!! Ammonia 0 Nitrites 0 Nitrates .5 PH 8
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