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Found 3 results

  1. Hi! I started noticing very slight Popeye symptoms in my Betta's left eye on Sunday, when I was feeding him. I ordered some Fritz Maracyn antibiotic powder from Aquarium Co Op and was just going to let things be until it arrived. Unfortunately, my package was not expected to show up until Friday and by Tuesday his symptoms had gotten way worse. I panicked and immediately found many posts online about people treating their Betta's Popeye with SeaChem's Kanaplex. I did a 75% water change and drove an hour to a fish store that had Kanaplex in stock. The employee was very helpful and told me to increase my aquarium's temperature from 78 to 79 and that kanaplex usually does the trick for Popeye. I have been following SeaChem's directions. Dosing every other day, his eye isn't as swollen, but it has gotten cloudier. His last dose of Kanaplex is tomorrow and I have only seen minimal improvement. I'm very worried about irreversible damage to his eye. I have attached some photos. How should I proceed? Thanks! pH: 8.0 Nitrates: 20ppm Hardness: 120gh Nitrite: 0ppm Ammonia: 0ppm KH/Buffer: 240KH Water Temperature: 79 Degrees F Aquarium Capacity: 10 Gallons Other Inhabitants: Nerite Snails x2 (I got these number using both the API Master Test Kit and 5 in 1 Strips) Attached Pictures Below.
  2. I'm excited to join my very first forum. Most of you are probably too young to remember "Flipper" the Bottlenose Dolphin from TV, but I chose her for my forum name. I have a 20 gallon with Blue, my female betta, 4 Harlequin Rasboras, 3 Rummy-Nose Tetras and Bashful, my dwarf Clown Pleco. My 8 gallon is under construction after losing my male Betta to disease. I started from scratch and the tank is now cycling. I'm a middle-aged lady, retired and loving life. I've been in the hobby about 5 years and look forward to sharing with all of you. I love my fish and this hobby. Happy to be here!
  3. Oh the path to good pet parenting is paved with many evil obstacles. I went to the local big box store- as one does when you have a mixed pet household- I have 2 cats and lots of fish- so it's convenient to come here to pick up a couple of things. Sadly on this day I had a little more time to kill- I'm normally a shopping ninja- in and out within minutes- just grabbing those things I intentionally went in for- list in hand if necessary. I was meeting someone for lunch so instead today- I moseyed. BAD. FRICKIN. IDEA. One of my rules is to totally AVOID (DANGER WILL ROBINSON DANGER!)- looking at the Bettas. Personal side note: Twas not long ago that I swore off Betta keeping FOREVER because of how hard a fish they are to keep- only breaking my intended oath several months later and very recently by buying Koianu- my Koi male Betta pictured here: They are not easy fish to keep. All my other fish and tanks do well but Betta keeping has eluded me- so for their sake- I stopped trying. Koianu has actually been doing well- however soon it is to tell. Anyhow, as you may have guessed. I made the mistake of looking. All of us I know have done that and seen sick, dying or dead Bettas. On this particular day here in sunny pre-fall there actually weren't that many Betta on display. Making the percentage of these sad Bettas rather on the very high side. I first spotted the one and only Glo Betta fish- a sad flourescent yellow female. She was so clamped and her fins so short and colorless (seems she has some red coloring on her fins given the chance) that she looks more like a glo worm than a fish. Her container was terribly dirty...she must have been on the shelf a long while- I could see what is possibly her slime coat floating in the container too. She was listless and unmoving. UGHHHHH. THEN I saw a purple and white female Dumbo Betta. She was trying her darnedest to swim normally, fighting to get to the bottom then floating up and ultimately giving up the fight, laying on her side....what seemed to me a clear case of swim bladder. I looked at all the other fish and there were a couple more with similar states. Because girls are usually last picked ESPECIALLY when they are sick I thought about my home situation. Could I care for them properly in QT? And if they both made it, did I have somewhere they could permanently go? The answer ultimately was yes. I have plenty of QT tanks, and if they both made it, one could stay with me in my Flex9 with Guppies and Endlers. The other could go to my Mum's tank- and she would likely gladly take her in- whichever she was. So I picked them up and took them to the counter. It was easy enough to get a discount on them- for 50% off after asking nicely. I could have pushed it but I'd rather them go home with me and cost than stay there. So because I had time I ran home and set them up in QT then ran back out for lunch. This is the poor GloBetta: This is the dirty container the poor Glo Betta was living in: This is the poor, tiny, Dumbo Betta (bottom right pic is a little bit exagerrated due to reflection but she was a little bent looking) but you can see she's swimming a bit sideways: So I went to lunch. Well drove that direction....the person I was meeting texted me JUST as I was getting into the parking lot of the restaurant- they informed me they were delayed and were leaving in 5 minutes- instantly giving me a 30 minute wait window.... ....something was already weighing on my mind as I drove over there and I was talking myself out of the guilt I felt....then suddently this time window opened and my first and only thought was.....go get the others....go get the others... Yeah. One of those stories. 1 in particular made me want to go back. A white Twintail Halfmoon male Betta. He was on his side at the top of his cup. I didn't take him when I got the females because I thought well, of the 3 the boy would be more likely to sell even sick than the girls.. Honestly I thought I was just lying to myself but one has to be practical as you cannot save them all- but I thought really? Could I not? Well. I said to myself. I have another QT tank at home- I could easily take care of one more. You know what I did next. I drove back to the box store. Went straight to the Bettas for the white one- but someone else held me up. A red male Crowntail. Also totally on his side at the top of his cup. Which is weird since they always sell very well. Ok, think- which one do you take. What a crap decision- "which one do I send to its death!" screams in my head. Argh! I avoided looking at ANYONE else while standing there. I convinced myself everyone else was fine if I couldn't see them. But these 2 needed someone. Which one though? I only had 1 QT. Or did I? I walked down the tank aisle.....what could one do.....I see a 2.5 gallon glass tank. 20 bucks not bad for a quick QT tank but I don't like using glass tanks for QT...but wait...I was using a plastic QT for my plant "extras". Light. Bulb. Picture if you will, a grown adult, reusable shopping bag in hand, inside that bag is a 2.5 gallon glass tank, and inside that is 2 cups, each holding a sick or dying male Betta fish- that the said adult paid full price for because they were not going to ask AGAIN for a discount and just wanted to get the heck out of there to get to lunch.....yes that same adult walking with this reusuable bag into none other than a SUSHI restaurant. *INTERMISSION* So this ridiculous human being makes it home. Both fish are still alive. This is the sad state of affairs these poor little guys were in when I got them home (they are both on their sides in their cups (sorry again for pic distortions this is as good as it got: This was the plan: Get the plants out of the plastic QT and throw them in the 2.5 glass tank (it's smaller than the plastic and looks nicer anyway for something more permanent like an extra plant tank). THEN quickly wipe out the tank, fill it with 1 gallon of reserved water change water, get out the other QT set it next to the other, fill it with 1 gallon of reserved water (these are 3 gallon QT but I figured they're going to be floating at the top anyway and I only had a couple of gallons of pre-made water which by the way has Indian Almond Leaf Tea water mixed in, perfect for all my new Betta friends), grab my 2nd back up air pump of the day and set up air stones, grab my 3rd and 4th handfulls of Guppy Grass from a healthy tank to put in and my 3rd and 4th IA leaf and put those in, 3rd and 4th doses of Aquarium Salt- done. Plop and drop the males into their new spaces and pray to whoever they might have a chance of making it..... This is the white Twintail Halfmoon, he's on his side in both pics, this is just after I placed him: This is the red male Crowntail Betta after I placed him- pretty much in the same position as the Halfmoon: I have 4 QTs now. Two on my desk near my Flex9 and 2 on my kitchen table...until further notice... So here I sit. With 4 more fish that I never intended to have but couldn't help but help because I was in the position to do so. I keep walking around my house calling myself an idiot but at the same time glad I did it. They may not make it, I don't know but at least I'm giving them a chance even though I think I'm a crap Betta keeper- I will try. I've got plans for all 4 if they're lucky enough to live through this disaster. I'm holding off on medicating- though the IAL is anti-bacterial and the salt will help so technically they are "medicated" but not anything too harsh- I want to give them a chance to perk up before I medicate already clearly weakened fish. Maybe my friends @Colu or @Odd Duck could give me their thoughts- but I think for now I'm going in the right direction because.... When I came back from lunch to begin setting up QT for the boys I of course went to check on the girls. The GloBetta still not looking hot- I think maybe her gills are inflamed but hard to tell because of her coloring- however she'd perked up some. And even better...the Dumbo female is doing a WHOLE lot better.... ...so wish this idiot luck fellow NERMS cause here I go....
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