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Found 7 results

  1. I'm semi-new to keeping cherry shrimp and after about 4 months I've started to see them breed but have yet to be successful. I have a large female who is berried and it all seems to be contained under her abdomen area and the process seems to be going correctly for her. I have two smaller females and some of their eggs are hanging out of their abdomen, they don't fan their eggs nearly as often and one has been berried now for almost 5 weeks which from what I read is too long. Ill attach a few pictures of the smaller ones. Could the smaller ones eggs maybe not be fetilized? Any ideas? Thanks.
  2. Just thought I'd share cause why not? I think this is the most berried shrimp I've seen in any of my tanks yet.
  3. I had no idea that neocaridina shrimp could breed so small! I got my shrimp as juveniles at less than 1/2 an inch, and now I've already got one berried. (to be fair though- she only has around 2-4 eggs, and they look like they barely fit lmao). I zoom out for scale!
  4. I noticed about 10 days ago my biggest shrimp was berried. she disappeared for the last 2-3 days and I found her again today but with only 4ish eggs left. She's been with 4 other females until the 27th of feb when I added 12 more shrimp, presumably some male. It seems unlikely the eggs hatched given the time line. Does anyone have an idea what happened. my temp is 24C-25C depending on the thermometer, nitrate 5 (up to 15 max when i dose ferts) gh 6-7 kh4. here's the best photo i could get of her
  5. Is this shrimp berried? (this is the best pic I could get with my camera.) Also, I thought Neo's had yellow eggs. If these are eggs is it okay that they're this color?
  6. BACK INFO: First time keeping shrimp... I have a heavily planted 10g that I cycled with the assistance of some cycled media that i got from a local plant/fish seller. My parameters were running pretty steady at about: PH: 6.3 Ammonia: close to zero Nitrite: zero Nitrate: about 20ish GH: about 5 KH: zero TDS: 215ish The tank is still under a month old... so I was leery of putting much in it... so I figured i would try just a few Cherries, to see how they did.... went to a LFs that I hadnt tried before, but the only shrimp they had was some Crystal reds.. I figured ah... my PH is low due to all the Fluval substrate i have... so maybe try just a few to see how they do... so I bought 3 of their CRS.. One of them jumped out of the net and it took the kid 15 tries to get it off of the floor, so i figured ahh... that one is a goner... but i brought them home anyway... (they didnt charge me for the floor victim) I tested the water they came with while I drip-acclimated them... The PH was like 7.1 and the GH/KH was a good few points off from mine... so I dripped them real slow.. a drop every 3 seconds or so... for a good 5 hours.... and hoped.. To my surprise... they took right to it... I know that Crystals aren't really an 'ideal' starter shrimp.... but so far so good) Sooo.... 8 days later... I found a molt in my tank... looked like a good one as far as i can tell ... The next morning at lights-on, I saw one of my females on a leaf... and she looked different than before... Then she took off and I haven't seen her the rest of the day.... I have read that they mate right after they molt... then I'm guessing they go hide until their new shell hardens? let me know what you think....
  7. So my tank in diseases with the invading worms that attacked a nerite snail has been holding parameter wise. Despite meds....it looks like one is berried! I’ve been watching like a hawk and she shed this morning. I saw her after the light was in sunset mode. Fingers crossed. Need to change water tomorrow.
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