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Found 10 results

  1. I've had a "white cloudy" tank for a month. It cleared up, but now I have a white fuzz & spots on about half of my plants. Any ideas or suggestions?
  2. So I have had 7 Paracyprichromis nigripinnis (Blue neon herring cichlid) in a tank by themselves for about 6 weeks. I had no deaths for the first 4 weeks (except one a few days after they arrived, I don't think it handled the overnight shipping well - I ordered 8 and it was pale and lethargic compared to the others). Then I had one die with no symptoms, parameters were all perfect (0 amm. 0 nitr. 5-10 nitr. dkh 14 dgh 18 ph 8.0 temp 77), then another several days later, still no symptoms. So I decided to treat with Maracyn and ParaCleanse, per Aquarium Coop treatment suggestions on Wednesday, after vacuuming the tank and doing a water change. I haven't fed since then, and I noticed a bacterial bloom this evening. Tested parameters, sure enough I had detectable nitrite (0 amm. 0.25 nitr. 10 nitr. dkh 14 dgh 18 ph 8.0 temp 77). So I did a 70% water change, being sure to match the parameters before changing. I find this interesting, as @Bill Smith mentioned in a post that he always has bacterial blooms after a Maracyn treatment. I add baking soda and epsom salt to my tap for this tank, since its a Tanganyikan tank. Bill's thought that he gets bacteria blooms while Aquarium Coop didn't in their testing was due to his water hardness. Curious if that could be the case here, since I have such hard water in this tank? I'm also currently treating a 5.5 gallon tank with a group of 9 juvenile white clouds that I just purchased, I haven't yet had a bloom in that tank, but it just has water from my tap, which is sourced from our well (7.4 ph, 4 dkh, 7 dgh). I also am treating that one prophylactically with Ich-X, which I'm not doing is this tank, since none of the fish have shown signs of Ich. I am planning to follow the current treatment with a course of Ich-X for this tank, I was just spacing them out since the Paracyps seem to be more sensitive.
  3. Is this white slime mold? It’s taken over this corner of my tank. It’s sticky and impossible to remove from the gravel by vacuuming. I’ve taken the plants/wood out and scrubbed it only to have it reappear almost instantly. The stuff on the glass moves-it comes up when the light is on and goes away when off. Anything I plant here (in the substrate) dies despite Easy Grow root tabs and Easy Green liquid fertilizer. Here’s the specs: 17g nano - started May 2020 2-3 inches of crushed gravel spider wood x 3 all boiled (piece in the picture has only been in the tank for 3-4 months) and this and another piece are replacing an Amazon sword that outgrew the tank 30-ish Endlers, 10 dwarf emerald Rasboras, 8 amano shrimp, 2 cory cats (lost one) and 1 mystery snail. musing the new Co-op strips: Nitrates 25, Nitrites 0, Ammonia 0, hardness >300, Buffer looks like 0 <40 (pale pale yellow/green), Ph 6.8, Chlorine 0 Because there’s always Endler babies, I was feeding 2x day and cleaning gravel, sponge filter and small HOB weekly with usually 50% WC. I added a second sponge filter 3 weeks ago, thinking it might help. After recently seeing the water change video and discussion from Bob at Steenfont Aquatics and Cory, I’ve decided not to do so much. I did vacuum just the area in the picture on Sunday with about a 10% WC and I’ve cut back feeding to once/day for about the last two weeks. I suspect I’ve been over cleaning just trying to keep up with this stuff. Lights are Hygger 16w full spectrum turned down x2 (4 light settings) on 6 hrs, off 4hrs, on 3 hrs. Temp 80 degrees How can I get rid of this stuff before it takes over the whole aquarium? It’s literally a “no mans land”
  4. I'm in my fifth week and still counting the day for this aquarium to cycle. but I'm noticing white slime in my HOB filter and aquarium smell kind of funny is that normal I'm scare to do anything to the aquarium while its cycling, or is it cycle? Help someone! 😔
  5. Hi. Hope someone can give me some advise on my tank. I have a 10 gallon fresh water tank. It's about 3 months old and went through it's cycle. Water always looked good. Went through ammonia, nitrites to nitrates. All good now. Just checked. Reading's today no ammonia or nitrites only very light reading of nitrates. Total fish 4 neons, 3 corys (recent additions), 4 baby platties (mom and dad died during startup) and two snails. I don't feed them much so don't think I over feed. Only once a day and miss a day here and there. Over the last three weeks it's been in a cloudy state. Tried 1-2 gallon water changes each week and a little more during some days maybe a cup or two. I did switch out the filter about a month ago from basic filter that came with setup to Tidal 35. Didn't do water changes for at least week when I did the switch. My question. What to do now? I also tried this weekend Seachem Clarity but didn't improve. I have layer of floss too along with bio media rocks. Should I not do water changes, don't touch the filter for week(s), etc. Looking for what to try as this is getting really discuoraging. Thank you if you can help and I'll add more info if needed. I have tank and filter pics. Marty
  6. Pretty sure this is a bacterial bloom and that I caused it by foolishly doing 20% water changes over the course of 4 days (that’s a separate story). It looks green because of the plants, so it’s not green water. The setup is 5 months old and I’ve not had this happen before. From what I read I simply need to wait for it to clear up and not to do any large water changes because that will prolong it. Is that right? Parameters: Amm = 0 Nitrite = 0 Nitrate = 10 pH = 7.5
  7. Starred a 40 gallon and grabbed a used sponge filter from my main tank and added it also been using some aquavitro seed which is bacteria in a bottle would that cause a bacteria bloom ? Are they good thing to have or they mean something is wrong? Tested levels nitrate 10 to 15 ammonia and nitrite zero finish the 7 day dose tomorrow
  8. Hello everyone, I was curious on how you guys change water in your larger tanks. I notice that sometimes after a water change, my water gets slightly cloudy for a day or two with what appears to be a bacteria bloom. Currently I drain about a 1/4 or 1/3 of the water, add API stress coat water conditioner to the tank (I dose the amount for the whole tank 125g), then add the water using a python from the sink. Is it normal to get a slight bacterial bloom after a water change? Should I be doing something different? Fish all seem to be fine, ammonia and nitrite are 0 when this happens. Thanks.
  9. My tank water has turned cloudy. It will vary day to day and even hour by hour some days. I recently had a big diatom bloom as well, but that seems to have stopped. Could it be the diatoms are dying and the bacteria are now blooming? The diatom bloom followed a re-scaping of the tank. I removed sand (which I had washed very well), moved rocks, planted more plants, and otherwise really stirred up the tank. I suspect that lead to silicates in the water which caused the diatom bloom. My water parameters have been steady. 0 ammonia for the most part (today it is maybe a smidge above 0 and the water is the cloudiest it has been). 0 Nitrites. Nitrates are now between 5-10 but were up around or over 20 when the diatom bloom began. It is a 20 long with 8 small white cloud minnows, 6 blacknose dace (native minnow) that are 1-1.5" long, and 3 amano shrimp. I have several plants (anubias, jungle val, water sprite, java fern, and some others so it is moderately planted). The fish seem normal and active. They don't seem to care. I also recently added a Fluval 207 in preparation for switching to that filter. Old filter, which is still running at low, is a Tidal 55. Filtration seems to be more than adequate. I plan to reduce feeding (was feeding once a day and don't think I was over feeding). I may also add charcoal to the filter. Right now they are both just the sponges and biorings. No chemical filtration (charcoal, Phosphate, etc).
  10. I have an on going issue with my aquarium, and I'm hoping someone with more knowledge can help. Picture included. I have a 20 gallon set up with a fluval 207 filter. It has three small koi on it. I've been having a milky white water issue since I set it up (about 6 months). I've done alot of research, and have read that it may be a bacterial bloom and to just wait it out. But its stayed that way for two months with no sight of getting better. What happens is I'll change about 50% of the water and it will clear up for about two or three days. I'll wake up on the third day and boom white water. Which as I've read, lines up with the bacterial bloom, but it will not improve. I've tested ph level, nitrate level, and ammonia. All at positive levels (in fact below what's expected). I've done a total cleaning, including rinsing every rock to make sure its not some contamination from packaging. All the sub straight in the filter was cleaned to make sure it wasn't from that. The water looks as if I diluted milk with alot of water. I've exhausted all the ideas I have, and what most the internet (minus forums), but alas, milky water. Please, if someone has any ideas, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you!
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