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Found 6 results

  1. I just hatched some mystery snail babies. When, how much, and what should I feed them?
  2. I already have hundreds of White Cloud Mountain minnow fry. They’ve been in this pond for just a month maybe maybe 5 weeks. I haven’t been feeding for fry, just feeding the adults plenty. The green water, natural infusoria and odd flake crumb is apparently enough. 100 gallon tubs planted with various immersed and bog plants.
  3. Have been wanting to do this for years I want to start breeding my Poly Ornates and Poly T's I want to bring a local source to Wisconsin. I have done an almost obsessive amount of research on where they originally are from and what sparks their mood to breed. Want to gather as much info as I can though. So I want to reach out to anyone who has personal experience doing such a project would love some feed back!!!
  4. Usually I separate the babies from the mother plant. I decided to let it go and watch what it does. So far, there are 4 baby plants that are getting to be a good size. They have nice long roots for fry to hide in. I think it looks like a java fern tree.
  5. Hi all! I’m trying to identify this tiny baby snail that hitch hiked into my tank, I do have nerites laying eggs and have yet to see any hatch but I’m almost certain this isn’t a nerite based on the foot and it appeared just after adding salvinia minima. Anyways, since the photo is a little hard to make out, it’s mostly transparent with brown speckled from the tip of the spiral which does protrude out not in like a ramshorn.. I’m guessing and hoping it’s a mystery snail but also just have no idea. I want to properly care for it not eradicate it but if it’s a pesty type of snail I do have assassin snails too to keep a population under control. https://ibb.co/HrczqJD https://ibb.co/swsdpZg https://ibb.co/tzqYNvb https://ibb.co/0q6FJLp https://ibb.co/6v2L9GY thanks for any help!
  6. Just had what I believe is my first set of kribensis fry. Not 100% sure but sure seems to be. Mama krib chases off all other fish and they stay near her!
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