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Found 9 results

  1. So I've heard multiple times that oscars want a tank with nothing in it, or like a single plastic plant and a pot. I think this might originate from keeping oscars in minimum sized tanks and needing to maximize water volume and swim space, perhaps? My young oscar interacts with everything in her tank, and she's got a large wood/rock cave feature plus live plants. She's so engaged with her surroundings and it just doesn't make any sense to me that she would be happier in a big empty box. I've begun a savings fund to upgrade her to a 6'x2' tank in a year so she can have enough swim room and stuff to interact with. Maybe I'm off the mark, I am new to oscars and large fish... But I've looked at some photos of their natural habitat, too, and it's not big empty bodies of water, it's streams and rivers with rocks and fallen trees and all sorts of stuff in the water. Does anyone have any insight into this?
  2. I LOVE oscars, but I'm not sure I'll ever have a tank big enough to truly accommodate a pair of them like I had years ago. Are there any other cichlids that have the same type of personality but don't get so big? Maybe something that gets no more than 8-10" at most.
  3. I have 2 beautiful baby oscars that have already bonded. I am worried if the day came they did hankypanky the plecco and loach clown will eat the eggs n babies. So far they serve a purpose and the tank stays spotless
  4. I have an Oscar, M and F Jack dempsey showing aggression should I rehome, add, keep an eye on it? The male and oscar are constantly facing off over the last few days. Very minor fin damage is the most I see so far. Tried moving stuff around, have tall stuff for hiding, and feeding a bit more but no difference. I’ve watched all the related videos I can find but I’m frozen in indecision. Background: So I inherited a tank a month ago with an Oscar and M,F,F jack dempsey’s. 75 gallon, 78 degrees, now cycled with 5 for nitrates and I added filtration. I lost 1 JD due to sunken head (she was being picked on by large male JD so removed her but no bueno), and the oscar had HITH which is looking much better. Thanks for the videos which have been a huge help! Pretty sure on the sexing as I have a large male and small female JD as they laid eggs which he ate. Thank you!
  5. Hello, I have an Oscar and 4 Electric Blue Jack Dempsey's in a 125. They eat ravenously but any food that falls to the bottom they ignore. I'm looking for a good tank mate to cover the bottom third of the aquarium. I'm thinking something that would do well in a group of 6 or more would be nice, but I'd welcome any and all suggestions. Thanks!
  6. Acoy797

    Oscar HITH

    I have had my Oscar for about 6 months now. He started off in a 20 gal as a baby with a severum but they started fighting and came down with a bad case of ICH. I separated them and treated and they were fine. I finally got my hands on a 55 gal but it also came with a 12 inch pleco. I put my Oscar in and he is now about 8 inches. I know I need to upgrade to bare minimum of 75 gal, but saving up money for that. In the meantime, my Oscar had a small hole in his head so I immediately started treating with maracyn and paracleanse and did 50% weekly water changes. He isn't getting better, in fact it has gotten worse in the last two months since I first noticed it. I think he and my pleco do not get along, as sometimes I will hear splashing from the other room. I have Fatty (my oscars name) now quarantined in a 10 gal so I can start a more targeted treatment, but I'm not sure what specific medicine I should be giving him. I am also looking and possibly rehoming his as I dont think I can put him back with the pleco without this reoccurring. Please help!!!
  7. Hi All, I have been in the hobby for about 20 years, but am a first time oscar keeper. I have one very pampered 7 inch juvenile in a 75 gallon tank. Hikari Ciclid Gold is my current staple with meal worms, peas, trumpet snails being treats that he likes. He will not eat any food that hits the substrate, so sinking pellets and gel foods are out. He has started refusing the Cichlid Gold, so I am looking for another prepared floating food to use as a staple. Any good suggestions?
  8. Need advice:. I have two young Oscars that are about 4 inches. They've been together since they were less than 2 inches. Tonight I noticed one really bullying the other. If I return the bully to my LFS, they may not have a replacement that size. Would it be asking for trouble to get one smaller than the remaining fish?
  9. So when posting pics of my oscars and there fry everyone kept saying I need to remove them before they get eaten. Which I some what agree however this is there first successful attempt they have laid eggs twice before first time I pulled second time was letting them hatch but had a filter shut off in middle of night and water got stagnant parents almost didn’t make it. Got a couple sponge filters and extra air hoses for just in case this should happen again. So with that said I feel that they are even more protective they even leaped at me out of tank never done this before so kinda made me smile and left them in there for now. At what point do you think I need to go ahead and transfer them anyone ever have successfully raised fry with parents? Love to get some input thanks in advance
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