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Found 13 results

  1. Hi there! First time ever using a forum for aquariums. I got into the hobby about 4 months ago. I own a single tank on my desk, a 17gal, that holds a small school of cardinals, 4 panda Cory’s and a pair of ‘steel blue’ apistogramma. Can’t wait to be an active member on this forum as it grows with my hobby!!! (Note that most of the pictures are a month old as the blackwater has dissipated)
  2. Hello, I live in Phoenix, Arizona and have been a hobbyist since January of 2018. I currently am maintaining 10 tanks and have been doing so for about that 3 years. I have been trying to keep and even breed albino Corydoras several times but they seem to be dying on me for some reason. Majority of my tanks have eco complete are are planted. Water volume of the tanks which I’ve had these fish ranges from 10-75 gallons. Right now I am about to finish up my college career but water changes have been about every 1-1.5 weeks pretty consistently. I need to admit that i have not been great at documentation that water change schedule or when I feed ( i try feeding once every other day normally). Recently I have had one die on me and this is my 5th try keeping them out of about 5 over the past year. Extra info:{Time number 1 and 2 I did not quarantine the fish, I had not gotten into doing that just yet.After that, I took advice from Joel (COrvus oscen) and reserved a 10 gallon tank just for medicating and quarantining fish. I use the med trio once and dont feed for that week. After that week, I add the fish to a bigger tank. Try 3 and probably 4, they would die in quarantine. I recall my last try at keeping them, i fed them for the first week and then started the trio. They still died on me} As far as this recent time, I became a little confused because in the 10 gallon where I kept 2 larger albino Corydora, I remember doing a water change on a tank next to it on Thursday night and i fed this little ten gallon. This tank was originally intended for growing plants but i eventually threw in a single female guppy and when I bought these corys about 2 weeks ago, i put them in since it was self-admittedly an impulse buy. I decided I was not going to med this tank which has a aqua clear 30 on it. I did change water as i drip acclimated the fish and then added them in. Being so light of a load, I left the water change again for the next week (last week). However, fast forward, on Friday night (yesterday) as I was checking on the tanks I saw one Cory dead. What shocked me was that I saw fry along with that female guppy in this tank. I immediately removed the deceased Cory whom I just fed the night before and did a water change. Before doing so, I did check parameters. I will attach a picture to this post for reference on levels. I noticed the other COry still alive was swimming around as I perceive as normal; looking for food. I am at work at the moment and this has been bothering me all day since I don’t want to lose the last Cory I have. I hypothesize that i am not satisfying needs for these fish in my hard, Arizona water. I was wondering if anyone had tips on what I may be doing wrong. I am even willing to get into RO water and remineralizing from there if it needs to be the case. I have sourced these fish from 3 separate locations and put them in 10 gal, 40 gal, 75 gal and usually in groups of three or more. I know i can improve on monitoring and evaluating water parameters but every other tank seems to be doing just fine. NOt necessarily thriving even with the guppies but everyone tends to stay alive for the most part and happy to eat. I feed sinking wafers for the corys but also flake food for the midswimming fish. Please give me some tips or feedback if you can.🤔 Tank in pics is a 10 gallon with an Aquaclear 30. Water changes roughly every week and feed every other day. No heater, room temp about 77 as with all my tanks. Eco-complete with accidental mix of dirt in this specific tank. Use tap water for water changes which is like liquid rock.
  3. Hello all! I have been wanting to get a snail, but the petsmart in my area has stopped carrying both mystery and nerite snails. I am assuming they are no longer legal... I am curious if anyone know which snails are illegal in Arizona. I know there have been some issues with Apple snails but I can’t seem to find any information on which snails are no longer allowed and which are. :( I have no local fish stores besides pet smart either. Any input is much appreciated!
  4. Well, after my tilapia nightmare a while back I have left my big tanks full of water and daphnia and some guppy grass to really get all that stuff balanced out. They are outside (tucson arizona), so it does save me a bill this winter for heating all that. From the water come the alge, from the alge come the daphnia, and from the daphnia come the guppies. Well, food chain wise. In plans for the spring i put a 3 something gallon tank on my office desk to breed out guppies and start the fish cycle over again. -- Today I saw little fry swimming around. While I have added guppies to water before and saw more appear, this is the first "up close" experience I have had with the tiniest of fry. I can see why grown guppies would see these fry guys as delicious marshmallows. Hopefully the fry that learn how to hide in some guppy grass will be the strong ones. Currently have a 3.something gallon tank on my desk. It has duckweed and waterlettuce of some variety on top. Guppy grass for low-mid covering, and hydroton (superheated clay pellets) as substrate. Mainly it was a "grab whats in the garden, add water and guppies, mix in daphnia daily" tank. So far the results are pretty good, with some screw ups along the way. Mainly the thing i overlooked coming into a smaller tank environment was that the ph 'style' changes. Outside I will get sometimes even as much as a 1.5 ph swing between dawn and sunset. But the PH in a smaller tank has a harder time 'swinging' back up (less acidic) I think. Some guppies started swimming funny, so I got the test strips out. I had gotten some neat $3 guppies from petsm--err, "not LFS" to make sure I wasn't going to add to potential tragedy by having paid shipping on them if they die. Well, they died. But they taught me that a good pinch of baking soda will help the tank in a few ways, and provide near instant relief for guppies getting "burnt" by people who let their PH get to 6 before they notice the guppies don't look right. I didn't want to just dump a clump of baking soda in there, as crazy ph swings are bad, but i did put in 2gsp (good sized pinches) of baking soda every 12-18 hours or so. This was actually probably more than i should have, but i noticed if i put it in slowly enough for the 'baking soda water' to form on one side, the fish all immediately swam toward it to be in it. So i think there is some truth to the idea of 'it helps'. I had to do this over the next few days, as the ph would come back up to 6 almost daily. Nothing else looked out of place on the test strip, only ph seemed to be stubborn. More daily doses of baking soda. the PH leveled out after about 5 days of this, stays at about 7.4 now, and has a "tiny swing" between morning and night. So, whew, water safety achieved. Id like it to be lower, around 8.2ish as this is better for a few reasons i have planned... I ordered from some place online Dwarf Baby Tears - to carpet the hydroton 2 Marimo Moss balls -- to be furniture on the carpet Wondershell -- because I believe in wonder Easy fry and small fish food, in a convenient squeeze bottle - just in case my fry are more hungry than I anticipate Easy green 'all in one' fertilizer - because I'm sure the plants will need a squirt or two, right now i detect no nitrates. 😕 I can at least go catch "the best" guppies and throw them in this tank to preserve their looks over time. The err, 'fancy breeder box' i guess it is. I put extra daphnia in the tank when i noticed fry. Just to minify their chances of getting eaten. I believe that the guppies do need to eat "some" of the fry as the natural process would allow, but I don't know enough about ethics from the perspective of a fish to know what I am talking about there really. Best I can do is say "they seem to do that" and allow it. I don't want them all to be gobbled up! With the carpeting plant and midrange plants and top floaters I hope that its a good combination for stability. Pictures attached of the tank as it is now. If its not a disaster I will upload it when it gets planted, and when it stabilizes.
  5. I'm in SE Arizona. Being in the high desert, it doesn't get quite as hot here as it does in Tucson or Phoenix, but it doesn't get as cold as up around Flagstaff either (thankfully! I HATE the cold). I've had aquariums off and on since I was a senior in high school long enough ago I'm not sure I should admit when that was. LOL I just discovered Cory's videos on YouTube about a month ago, thanks to a recommendation from a video I was watching by KGTropicals. Been binge watching vids from both ever since. Currently, I'm restricted to the two 29g tanks I have, but hoping next year to get a bigger tank (40? 55? 60? 75? not sure). I have a couple of 10g tanks as well, but no where to set them up, due to our current living arrangements. One has a large Top Fin tree root decoration in it that I love, though it's actually too big for that tank. An Anubias nana I'd placed in there has firmly attached itself to that "root" and is slowly creeping over it. That tank also contains Cryptocoryne wendtii, though I got bunch out of there a couple of weeks ago to clean up the tank and make way for new plants. There's a large Java Fern hiding behind the Anubias in the right side of the photo. The Java Fern and more Anubias nana are on a good-sized piece of mopani driftwood. There are still some loose plants floating in the tank, but those go to a new home this week. This aquarium contains 2 rosy red minnows (only ones of 10 "feeder fish" to survive quarantine), a black skirt tetra (OLD, lone survivor of her school), and a pleco about 6" long that's been with me almost 5 years after coming to me as a rescue. The other tank has a cave (also Top Fin I believe), as well as a piece of mopani driftwood (visible in the left side of the photo). It has a forest of Cryptocoryne wendtii "green" that I finally thinned out a couple of weeks ago. They'd taken over the entire tank, including that whole front area. The only occupant is a pleco about 6" long that I've had for about 6 years. I'm currently awaiting my first order from Aquarium Co-op, which includes new plants of species I've never been able to get at my local stores, so I'm excited about that!
  6. I'm Mike. I've had fish since I was 6 or 7 years old (I'm 38). I've dabbled in a lot but I really like cichlids and live bearers the most. I've bred some egg layers and now that I'm finally making a dedicated fish room I plan on trying some more. I was the secretary of our local club for 4 years and the Vice President for 2 (then covid hit). I feel like I know quite a bit about fish but I'm always looking forward to know more. I'm also very willing to give you my advice and listen to your fish keeping ways.
  7. Hello everyone my name is Nick and I have been into the hobby for almost a year now! I’m in love with planted tanks and I’ve set up 3 so far! I have a fluval spec v with a male betta and a bunch of cherry shrimp. I have a fluval flex 15 gallon with a male German blue ram 3 male endlers and 4 otocinclus and I also have another 5 gallon tank with pea puffers and full of cherry shrimp! Thank you for checking out my tanks and I can’t wait to gain more knowledge and get more inspiration from you all!
  8. Just saying hi and glad to join the forum. I think this will be a great platform and I really like what it stands for, respecting one another. Too often do we see someone new to the hobby post on social media just to be bashed and belittled and genuinely terrified to just simply share or ask a question, it's a shame. Anyway, hello! Glad to be here! I may start a thread on my adventures into guppy breeding, got my first ever guppies after being in the hobby nearly 6 years now! They're Platinum Dumbo Ear Red Mosaic's and honestly, ive almost got no clue what I'm getting myself into haha! I also keep fancy goldfish, so I think I should be able to handle some guppies. 😅
  9. @Dean’s Fishroom64 oz over 6 hours. Water is also exchanging with the 250 gallon so the fry tray doesn’t become rancid. testing it with rice fish first. Then on to the T. schoutedeni fry! on a side note: my ricefish mixing has been fruitful. Many of my orange color fry juveniles are starting to get black patches. Hard to get on camera.
  10. Hey everybody my name is Evan and I just recently got into the hobby!! I currently have a 5 gallon planted betta tank, but I plan on getting a 40 gallon community tank soon. However, before I embark on something bigger (and most likely develop MTS) I want to learn everything that goes into keeping a planted tank. My theory is that if I learn how to solve every common problem that aquarium keepers run into, then I will be experienced enough for a larger community tank. As I am nearing that point I thought it would be fun to share my journey that has been getting Jeffrey's tank to a pristine, stable, and consistent condition. Although I am not there yet, I am having some trouble nursing my Brazilian Micro Swords back to life, it has been an entertaining, frustrating, oft times confusing, and extremely rewarding process. So while I compile the highlights of my first attempt at a planted tank, enjoy these pictures of Jeffrey!!
  11. Hi all. Glad to have found this forum. I recently added YoYo loaches to help with a trumpet snail explosion. The day I got them home, they were very active, all over the place. It’s been 3 days now and they are all hiding/resting with little activity. Is this normal with new YoYo’s? Could they have eaten themselves into a stupor? Water parameters are all good. 78 degrees. Zero on all, 5 on nitrates. PH is a bit higher than they may like maybe? but it’s been a Betta tank and has been pretty consistent at 7.8-8. Thank you for any input!
  12. i am wanting to start up a 55gal tank with angel fish and want to have live plants can you suggest what plants and the ideal school of angels?
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