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Found 4 results

  1. So, I just finished watching @Irene latest video on Youtube - "The Most COLORFUL Fish I’ve Ever Seen (ft. Aquarium Co-Op)" and towards the last part of the vlog, as she was talking about the "oddball" fish section, we get a brief shot of these black and white Archerfish (as identified in posts below). Can anyone tell me about these fish and what are requirements, tank size... yada, yada? Thanks!
  2. Hello! I recently acquired 5 clouded archerfish! My tank is the standard 125 gallon tank dimensions of 72x18 and I was wondering what bottom dwellers I could keep safely with these guys since they get 6-8 inches and have huge mouths. Cory himself said on stream recently that they go after and eat tetras, so would loaches and cories also be out of the question? What alternatives would be safer? I also would like to know if you guys think the stocking plan on a tank like this (below) is too much. I know aqadvisor isn't accurate but i often use it to get a ballpark estimate and they don't have clouded archers in their library of fish, and I assume banded archers aren't a good replacement. Thanks for any help you guys can offer me! I currently have 6 denison barbs and 6 boesmani rainbows But by the end I would like to have: 8 denison barbs 6 boesmani rainbows the 5 archers +bottom dwellers (hopefully?)
  3. I managed to order 5 today from an online retailer. Is this a big enough group? I've seen a lot of inconsistent info online on these particular fish. For one it doesn't seem like anyone knows if they max out at 6 inches or closer to a foot in length. Also some sources say they are peaceful and some say they are bullies. I was wondering if anyone with experience here might be able to set the record straight. I have a 125 gallon aquarium for them that is currently stocked with denison barbs and boesmani rainbow fish. Would these fish get along just fine in a tank this size? Also would corydoras do well with these archers? I know cories are on the smaller side so I'm not sure if this is a risk or not. If it is a risk, what might be better alternatives? Thanks for all your help in this, you guys have gotten me successfully through many challenges!
  4. I came across kniselys.com while looking for cold hardy fish and they mentioned archerfish. Have anybody try this? I would like to add them to a pond if they can survive outdoor. I'm in CA zone 10a.
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