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Found 5 results

  1. I noticed there is a topic for fluval planted 3.0 settings. I snagged a fluval aquasky 2.0 for like 50$, so I got it. I love the features and the PAR lighting on my plants. Just wanted to share my daylight settings for those that might have this light. It has a cool morning, 5.5 hours of full sun to feed my plants, and a warm sunset. I have been using this for my 30g foe almost 2 months, and getting great growth on all my plants.
  2. I know, here's another "what about the aquasky or the plant 3.0" thread, but I didn't find the specific answers I was looking for from a search. I have a plant 3.0 that I got from the co-op for my 55g low tech / medium light planted aquarium that I love. I'm turning the 55g into a Tanganyikan community tank, and keeping some of the plants for that, and rehoming the rest of the plants and most of the remaining fish from that tank into a 29g. I have store credit from trading in plants/shrimp/fish at the LFS, and am thinking of using it to buy a light for the 29g tank. They stock fluval aquaskys, but not plant 3.0s, though I could see if they could special order a plant 3.0 (I've asked them to special order things before, they don't always follow-up in a timely manner...). I run my 55g with all channels near or below 50% max intensity and get plant growth that I'm happy with without excessive algae. See shots of lighting schedule and tank below. My question is: do you think getting the aquasky and running it at higher % light levels will work fine, or should I just see about getting another plant 3.0?
  3. Howdy Nerms, So I got a 32 gallon Fluval flex for Christmas and my wife loves it! (My tank, but she loves it, two birds right) The question I have is the Aquasky light seems awful dim with just one light, will my plants flourish.? There is room for another but I wanted fellow Nerms opinions first. What can I do in this situation? Your thoughts are welcome, Tedrock.
  4. Hello! So I’m starting a 20 gal long planted tank (waiting on my Co Op plant order as we speak!) and had a lighting question. I ordered predominantly easy low light plants since I’m brand new to this, and I have a FluvalSmart aqua sky light. How do I know if this light will emit low, medium or high light? I understand the depth of the tank matters (12 in high), and the light sits directly on top of the glass lid, maybe an inch gap. Does anyone have any experience with this light for planted tanks?
  5. Hello! I'm new to the planted aquarium hobby. I've been researching quite a lot and have purchased and am in the process of setting up a Fluval Flex 32 freshwater aquarium. I have a good substrate (Seachem flourite dark) and plan to use only low-medium light plants with no Co2. I have 2 Aquasky 3.0 lights in the aquarium. What I'd like to know is what are the recommended settings for the Aquasky 3.0 for a low-medium light planted tank with no C02? I can't seem to find specific recommendations anywhere. Thanks! Scott P.
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