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Found 4 results

  1. Greetings! I bought my first aquarium (20 gallons) on February, my second (10 gallons) in august and planning for my « dream » tank for next year. This one will be planted, I want julii corydoras for sure, probably black or green neon tetra and a couple of centerpiece fish I have yet to decide (something along the lines of aposto or bolivian rams). I live in a small apartment so I am limited for space. Even now, still wondering where I will put the new addition. I would like your opinions/toughts on a 40 breeder vs a 32.5 fluval flex, aside from the obvious size. The pro for the fluval is that it’s easy to find here (I live in Québec.) including the stand. The con is I am not so sure about the curved glass. Can you still see the fish very well? Does it weakens the glass? The con for the 40 breeder is the size (vs my free space available) but most importantly the stand. It seems almost impossible to find a store that carries stand (no petsmart or petco here) and I couldn’t build one even if my life depended on it!
  2. I’m stuck between a 65 gallon or a 55 gallon due to space available and current equipment. Negating the obvious benefit of the added 1 gallons a 65 has over a 55, would you prefer a longer tank that’s not as wide OR a tank that’s much deeper in depth but not as long? Long rectangular 55 or square-ish 65?
  3. I thought this might be fun to see what people's stats look like. Active tanks only (something, plant, animal, invert, living in it). 226 / 25.4 / 9 Enough tanks that normal people think it's crazy, but few enough that aquarium people know I'm a newbie.
  4. So I see this popping up in a lot of threads and I don't want to hijack those threads. There seem to be 2 schools of thought about tank sizes--some people are in the Bigger Is Better camp, some people are in the Small Is Beautiful camp. I see pros and cons to both, and thought we could bat ideas and tips for each around here. I like little because I live in a small space, I don't have a lot of money, and I mostly like small fish. In defense of the Small Is Beautiful camp: Tiny tanks can easily be disrupted by small things--like ONE dead snail--but they can also be corrected rapidly. A 30-50% water change takes minutes, you aren't too tired to tackle it after work. Fish, plants, and equipment are (or can be) cheaper. FINDING that dead snail is not a herculean task. Big, static tanks can become a chore, and people leave the hobby for that reason also. To be fair, if I had the space I would LOVE a giant tank. I would also like a Victorian conservatory attached to the side of my house. A maid, and perhaps a view of something other than the highway. But until I strike it rich, I am really good at making tiny work. The learning curve may be steep, I may have a lot of frustrations at times, but if the only option is between a 55 gallon or nothing I would be forced to choose nothing. Some fish>no fish. So the question for me is not what size tank to offer newbies, but how to lower the bar for anyone who is interested.
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