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Found 21 results

  1. I am looking for recommendations for heavy duty steel racks for 20 gallon aquariums for my fish room. looking for it to hold 4-5 tanks on each rack. Thanks!
  2. I have a pretty active fish room build going right now but I figured I’d ask in the general discussion. space is limited for me. I have a wall that’s just over 7 feet that I need to build a 3 tier rack for 21 ten gallons. How do I go about building it if I want to not put center support as to not obstruct the view of the aquariums? If I did dado cuts and possibly 2x6 rails would that be sufficient? Each tier would only be 70 gallons or about 600 pounds. I saw an example recently of a rack where the center support was a GIANT bolt on the front and back anchored to the stand but I can’t seem to find it. picture is a partial mud and tape job, I ran out of material!
  3. I want to setup some 10 gallons in a rack system but I'm having some trouble finding some metal shelves that would fit some 20.5" long aquariums, it looks like I'll have to settle for shelves that are 18" deep or 24" deep, one is to short and the other is to long. I would rather buy metal shelves and not build a wood shelving unit as I've had issues building wood projects previously. Any brands or anything that could help would be HIGHLY APPRECIATED. thank you
  4. Hey guys. Looking to put an actual fish rack in my apartment (ground floor, concrete floors). I want to have a 40 breeder, a 20 long, and a couple tens on it. Looking at the gladiator 36x18x72 that has the “laminate” shelves instead of the particle board. Anyone have this same shelf? Do you use it with tank directly on the laminate shelf or did you still do plywood? Maybe just a rubber leveling mat on top of the laminate? Also, does a 40 breeder fit on this shelf? thanks guys! https://www.lowes.com/pd/Gladiator-EZ-Connect-18-in-D-x-36-in-W-x-72-in-H-5-Tier-Steel-Freestanding-Shelving-Unit/1000197475
  5. Was watching one of the videos, and was wondering what is the rack used and tank sizes to get an most even placement. I am moving houses in a few months and want to set up something that is pretty clean, or if people had any other idea where to get a rack that will fit some tanks perfectly and not look that bad
  6. I am shopping around for a 4 ft x 2 ft x 3 ft aquarium tank. Most shops in my area sells Acrylic cabinet and even the support frame is made from Acrylic (indicated by red arrows). There are pictures from various angles attached. So now I am worried if it can withstand the weight of substrate, rocks, other decorations, etc.?🤔 Also this type of design, is it still recommended to put a self-levelling mat as the tank is rimless? Please let me know if you think its ok for me to get this type of aquarium cabinet or I should keep to either MDF, Plywood, Solid Wood or Aluminium. Thanks
  7. The purpose of this thread is to document my trials and tribulations while trying to build a "simple" aquarium stand. And let me just say, I have mad respect for the King of DIY; he does a ton of giant projects all by himself! For us beginners though, there some things that he leaves out. This will hopefully help people see what they are getting into and to avoid the mistakes I made. I have minimal tools (dremel, drill) and live in an apartment. I'll show you how I tackled this and how long it takes, along with the *real* costs. You know what I mean, you did something wrong so you have to buy something to fix it, etc. Here's what we're trying to build, for 20gal aquariums: I began last weekend. Per Joey, it only took him 45 min to slap this thing together. I consider myself fairly handy, so I should be able to do that, right? LOL NO. Since I didn't have a saw, I was planning to rent a miter saw from Home Depot. My husband was dubious about this, so we got a miter box and saw to try to cut the 2x4s. This did not work. My husband is a pretty fit guy, but the miter box just wasn't a good idea. There were too many cuts and we couldn't even get through one. This was, in part, due to the fact that we didn't have a sturdy table (just those cheap Ikea ones that wobble quite a bit.) So I would say avoid this route unless you have experience using it. I decided to have Home Depot cut it for me. The first two cuts are free, and 50 cents each after that. I was not counting on the associate being high as a kite though. I explained what I needed and he looked at me with that dreamy "I don't care" look, so I just had him cut some plywood (to make the shelves useful of I ever stop using it for aquariums.) The 8ft boards barely fit in the SUV, but fit it did. Oh, and did I mention, you have to go through and pick out the best boards? Yes. You must go to the stack of 2x4s and look at each board. Some of them are not even rectangular. Some of them are very crooked. Some are missing chunks. You don't want any of those. Your boards won't be perfect, but they should be fairly straight with no major defects. For my project, I took home six 8ft 2x4 boards. Note that 2x4s are NOT 2" by 4". They are actually 1.5" by 3.5". Make sure your measurements/calculations reflect this. I rented the miter saw and reviewed the little safety video detailed in the instructions. It was actually really easy to use. I was careful to use eye and ear protection and gloves, although the gloves were not really necessary (they made it more cumbersome when marking off measurements.) To best use the miter saw, you are really going to want to use a clamp, and I dished out like 20 cents for a carpenter's pencil. It helps make marks more accurate because it can mark closer to the edge. (Not strictly necessary but nice.) As I said before, I did not have a sturdy table, so I opted to saw on the floor of my patio. THIS IS NOT ADVISED IN THE SAFETY MANUAL. Do so at your own risk. When you start drilling things together, MAKE SURE YOU DOUBLE CHECK WHICH ONES YOU PUT TOGETHER! I made this mistake, and that's why I am here doing this project a week later. I felt like a special smart person and decided "I'll even wood glue these together!" That was a bad idea. Additional updates pending. I am still working on this today so I will update after. Sneak peek: troubles include stripped screws, incorrect bits, trying to remove wood glue, and a broken drill bit.
  8. Hello All, I am putting together a new stand to hold three tanks vertically in my fishroom, two 20g longs and a 29 gallon on the bottom. So the tanks are all 30" across and 12" deep. I have seen Cory's video with the stands in the store only supporting the ends of each tank, front-to-back. I am considering doing this but seems a bit frightening. I have also read a few articles saying all the weight is on the four corners so in theory I should be fine, but ... Every tank stand I have previously built supports the entire bottom frame, sides and front/back. Just wondering if others have built similar stands for tanks these sizes and just supported the sides, leaving the front and back edges open?
  9. I have these little tanks I set up in an hour or two. Most are home to just snails but one has mosquito fish fry. Thought I would share.
  10. Question new here to the forum I am going to be using an edsal muscle rack 48x72x18 for my aquarium I have a 3/4 in piece of plywood... Has anyone used these for their aquarium with good results and if so where exactly on the shelf to place the aquarium Thanks shane
  11. Hi Aquarium Co-op Forum Community! First time posting. :) My wife and I are looking to set up a new fish rack. In the past we used an old craftsman built-in to set up tanks on a shelf system (near our dinner table) and loved the experience of interacting with our fish every meal. Our current ambition is to keep one primary (75gal standard) and several secondary tanks on rack with storage underneath. Something like retail aquarium stands with nice trim/finish but built with clearance for a second upper shelf. We are generally comfortable with DIY but would much prefer to buy something reliable and nice-looking. (We're willing to pay for something specialized like this.) Do you have any recommendations? In return we'll post our build progress. :)
  12. I did try searching the topic on this forum, but for some reason once the results come up I am unable to scroll down to view anything past the first 3 discussions or so. I just put together this extremely yellow Dewalt rack Model #DXST4500 , which has shelves about 44" x 18" made out of some composite material that is less than 1/2" thick. There are three supports under each shelf, one each a couple of inches from the end of the shelf, and one in the center, which leaves about 18" of unsupported space between them. The other two straps provide stability, but not load support for the shelves. Photo attached. I plan to use these shelves for rimmed aquariums, 1 - 20 Gallon Tall, a couple of 10 Gallons, 1- 5.5 Gallon, and some 2.5 Wabi Kusa and Hospital tanks. My question is, of course, is this enough support for the filled boxes? The 20 will straddle 2 supports but the rest will not. What are the alternatives? Lay plywood over the shelves? If so, how thick? Lay 2x4's over the shelves? Lengthwise or across the short side? Would smaller lumber work, like 1x2? Any advice is sincerely appreciated.
  13. Hello everyone, I’m thinking about getting the 90in tall and wide Gladiator rack for two 75g tanks. The tanks are 21in tall. Gladiator shelves come with four shelves. However, if I take one shelf out that equates to 30in of space between each shelf. If you subtract the 21in from the 30in that leaves 9in of clearance. Is this truly enough room to operate a siphon or will water changes be a pain? I ask because I would hate to spend all that money to find out the rack won’t work for me.
  14. Hey everyone, I have a question about shelving. I am setting up two 75 gallon tanks. I was going to go with the cinder block and 2x4 method till I saw the Gladiator steel storage shelves. I am really tempted to get one of the gladiator units, but I wanted to know if anyone has experience with them, including any issues with weight support. Also how much space is in between each shelf as the tanks are 18.5 inches tall.
  15. So I bought a rack system from someone for 20 longs.. set it up today and put my 37 gallon angel tank and pea puffer tank up on the top. The pea puffers are in one of the new 20 longs, they were in a 20g tall before, so this is much better for them. Here's what I bought sitting in my garage before setup. Here was before (the 20 gallon below had guppies in it, and they were moved out and replaced with pea puffers, their guppy grass followed them lol). The little 5 gallon tanks are just culture tanks, one was for brine shrimp (I took it down) and the other I'm starting up scuds. The 10g has been moved to a different part of the office for now, that has red cherry shrimp in it. Where I put it works pretty well, I debated on moving them to a 20 long... we shall see. Tried to put the first part of the rack in, but wasn't going to work and able to close the door, meant time to move stuff around! Installed both racks and started securing them (to each other and the wall) Completed 37g and 20g. I do have a 29g I am kinda wishing I did instead of the 20 long now.. Maybe in the future. Oh yeah and these came with matten filters, so trying it out (along with the filter they had - got to make sure the matten filter gets well seeded).
  16. Quick question guys and girls, is it safe to suspend rimless aquarium the way coop store has them ? Aquarium is 60 cm bright, 30 deep and 40 high, 8 mm glass, ide is to support it on both sides where is 30 cm from front to back, but not sure if thats smart idea. Thanks for your time
  17. Hi guys, im in process of building small rack for some guppys, and would like to build it from extruded aluminum. This would be my first rack build and first time building something with T sloted extruded aluminum. So if someone has any experience with it i would like some input. Plan is to you 30x30 mm extrusion but not sure if that would be strong enough ?
  18. Hey y'all I'm starting to plan to build an aquarium rack system. My idea was to build a 3 tiered rack with reinforced bases my questions: 1. what type of wood (I thought i would just use regular pine 2x4 but im not sure if thats good long term) 2. what have been your designs? do you have any plans you could share? My ppt is in another computer I will post it later
  19. So I've been working on this build for a while... I'm getting close to starting to finish the rack system, its installed in its location, just doing some touchups with stain/etc on some alterations I had to do... So I thought maybe I'll share my experience with y'all. As a background, I've never built anything even slightly close to this before. But recently I went head first and caught MTS, so I started needing more efficient ways to store tanks! First, here are my original plans: There are some changes on the tank sizes I decided to go with and placement. I built it with the intent I could always put a 75 in the middle and top if I wanted to. Decided 75 is going in the middle. Here's the lumber. Note the gas cans behind it. Many times I have debated through this project just to burn it down with the gas... LOL Rack built, turns out this is the easiest part of the whole thing.. Still hadn't cut the plywood shelves, but those are to come. Problem is for it to be in the living quarters of our home, my wife insisted it had to be stained. This is when things slowed WAY down. Sanded and prepped Poly time: Shelves are on Weight testing. Note the aquarium. That is a 75gallon that I'm going to use in the middle. You'll see pics in the future of a transformation of it. So now that it was finished.. brought it into the house. Planned on installing it in my office. I could not get it through the doors in my office. I just had no way to maneuver it. So I cut the top off and will reconnect using heavy duty stainless steel lag screws later. This was heart breaking to do. I worked so hard on this thing, to cut it, was like cutting my own child. But, it worked and I got it in. Now time to fix it up. First step in the "repair" And here is the side view with the lag screws Now with shelves So in the meantime, I completed the 75 gallon makeover So that brings us to today. Today I'm working on cutting out a small notch on the side of the rack as I apparently wasn't as long on the rack as I thought for the 75 gallon. I thought I would have enough room - somehow I thought it was 48-1/4" to the edges of the trim. Nope, 48-1/2". It fit, as I had EXACTLY 48-1/2" but it had to go in perfectly and it scrapes the sides. As I painted over the trim, I didn't want to ruin it, so I notched out about a 1/4" on the inside and am restraining it to fix it up the best I can.
  20. From time to time, I see videos of fishrooms where there are aquariums in racks that don't have their frame supported fully underneath. In these instances, the frames may stick out from the edge of shelf rack by an inch or two. I'm guessing this is OK to a certain extent? The reason I ask is because I wanted to fit some 20 talls on an approx .22-inch deep shelf, which means the front and back will stick out past the shelf by maybe an inch. The tanks will be fully supported by 1/2 plywood sitting on top of a wire rack capable of holding a ridiculous amount of weight (meaning its sturdy, level shelving). Is this anything to be concerned about? or will the tank be adequately supported? Any advice by anyone with experience in these regards would be greatly appreciated.
  21. I’m looking at options for what I’m going to be putting my future tank(s) on and I was wondering what all you guys are using. I’ve stuck so far with only putting them on stands advertised specifically for aquariums. Do any of you use just shelves, dressers, drawers, counters and bookcases? If so how big are the tanks you have on them? Do you use racks? If so do you worry about the combined weight of the tanks on your floors? Have you reinforced your floors? If you use aquarium specific stands do you have a favorite brand/type? Is there a type you avoid? Thanks guys looking forward to your answers!
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