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Found 15 results

  1. Twin Wall 8mm Polycarbonate Sheet, Clear, Strong Impact and Shatterproof, All-Weather Outdoor Greenhouse Covering Thank you!
  2. Does anyone know or have a video somewhere of Dean's setup for aquarium lids? Just watching recent video reminded me I really want to find out how he went about it... If they are glass/etc, how he did the hinge... Otherwise, what alternatives do y'all use besides the basic store bought, or polycarbonate twin wall?
  3. I have spent to last few days working on my 90g and I am at the point of adding my lid. My tank is old style so it does not have a middle cross beam. The glass would fit perfectly if it did. The tank did have these to made up cross beams so I thought awesome, all is well. Nope. The one is a tight fit and the glass slids nicely in. The other on is about 1/4 inch short so I just holding on. It only has slots on one side. Glass will sit nicely in the slots but than it means the front lid part is sitting unbalanced. It also leaves with about a 2 inch gap between the two. My light is attached there so need space at the back but would like gap closed. Soooo, looking for some fish tank MacGyver style hacks. Any suggestions that will not break the bank would be amazing. Thanks.
  4. Hello everyone, I just started keeping real plants in my aquarium, and therefore now have a much nicer light to help them grow. I have a TopFin 29 gallon aquarium that came as part of a tank kit from PetSmart. Unfortunately, the 30” glass lids I’ve tried have all been too long and hang off the side. I would greatly appreciate any knowledge from someone who has dealt with a similar issue. It would be great if a proper-fitting lid existed somewhere out there. Otherwise, I may order a custom pane of glass. Thanks for any help! I greatly appreciate it. Erik
  5. Alright. I can not for the life me of me figure out how to get the plastic piece onto the back of the hinged glass top for the aquarium. 🤦🏻‍♀️ Is there a trick? I’m so afraid of cracking either piece but maybe I just need to use more force? Help me out here, what’s the trick.
  6. Does anyone know of the best place to purchase a glass canopy for a 50 gallon aquarium?
  7. Hello, im trying to find a glass lid top that will fit a 10 gallon when it’s turned longways down you can have several on a shelf, but all of the lids I can see open the length of the tanks and not the width of the tank if that makes sense. I need lids that open like deans fish room. Does anyone know where to buy them? Thanks!
  8. Before I stick the handles onto the lid, is there a reason I shouldn't flip the direction? A bigger opening would be beneficial IMHO. See the lid on the right.
  9. Hi! Does anyone have any experience using or helpful knowledge when it comes to using plexiglass for a tank lid? I have a big sheet left over from some COVID-19 partitions I put up and was thinking of cutting it and adding a hinge to use it instead of buying a new glass lid for my 40 breeder. will it be ok to get wet? Have algae on it? Withstand humidity? thanks in advance!
  10. So I've got this old tank that I got super cheap. I really like it, set it up with some plants and got a lovely Oscar. All is perfect but I'm not enjoying the lid. It's old and cracked and the light is pretty poor. What are my options on replacing the lid. Is it a case of getting glass to fit?
  11. How much lid ventilation is necessary? My toddler has been putting stuff in the hood gap so I covered it but that only leaves a little bit of space around the HOB and some holes on either side for the heater wire. Is that sufficient ventilation?
  12. Please share photos or descriptions of how you deal with small gaps in your aquarium lid. The attached photo is the rear of my tank where the plastic strip came up short, and my airline and heater cord come out. I have a bunch of fiberglass door screening material, so I cut it in small pieces and make slits to accommodate cords and lines. If needed, part of it could be hot melt glued (or other non toxic adhesive) to the plastic strip or tank edge. May not prevent the smallest snails from going on walkabout, but I think it will prevent most fish.
  13. I am seeing that the Waterbox style rimless aquariums are all the rage in Europe. I am also noticing that they seldom use a lid. I would be worried about jumpers, but it does not seem to be a concern with them. What are your thoughts?
  14. Wondering if anyone had a simple way to keep hoods closed. I just caught my cray on his heater and out of the water but still in his tank. Any good ways to lock/strap it down so he cant push it open and walk away like nothing happened?
  15. Every time I see ridiculous beautiful tanks (MD Fish Tanks, George Farmer, Green Aqua), they always are topless. Now, most are rimless....but that doesn't mean they can't have tops. My question is: how do these people not lose fish from jumping? Anytime I've ever tried this, fish jump. So, I've always had a lid. I even had floating plants, and had the water level not at the top...and they still jumped. Anyone have any insight on this, as to how these people don't have this problem?
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