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Found 7 results

  1. I will be buying some new fish to quarantine this next week. I have been looking for chili rasboras and other nano fish and it seems as if now a lot of nano fish are available. I know that Aquarium Co-Op suggests Aquahuna, but I am curious about folks actual experiences and also if anyone has experience buying from Flip Aquatics. Any advice? TIA
  2. Hi, I was looking at the Aqua Huna website, and was wondering if there was a reason for there being males only for most of the variates of guppies and endlers? Thanks!
  3. Hello, I placed my first online fish shipment from AquaHuna a few weeks ago. They delayed shipping because of the weather/post office issues, but they did ship out my order on Sunday night 2/28, per post office recommendations. The package has been sitting un-scanned in the Seattle warehouse since then. It was finally scanned at midnight last night, is still in Seattle, and is not expected to arrive until Monday the 8th. What should I expect? What can I do as I open the packages to cover myself for DOAs? It's not AquaHuna's fault that the post office delayed everything...what's the ethical thing to do in this case? I don't really want to eat $130 I paid for fish, but I hate to pass that on to them when probably a bunch of their shipments were delayed in the same way. I'd love insight from people who have dealt with similar situations before!
  4. I ordered some fish form aqua huna. They came in looking very small and weak and vary skinny. What should I do
  5. So, for the last 20 plus years I have purchased 95% of my new fish from auctions or fish clubs. With everything going on local clubs are not meeting. Is anyone else having a hard time finding and purchasing what they consider common fish? I have been trying to purchase hatchetfish, clown loaches, blood fin tetras and rummy nose tetras. thanks
  6. 🎶🎤Good Morning Toooooo Yoooooou!🎼 I’m new to this group, I know you do not sell fish through delivery but I was hoping you would know where I can buy some Pea Puffers. I tried late last year 2020, that was a disaster all four fish arrived DOA. My neighborhood fish stores are all out of stock, and they don’t know when they will be restocked. I really would appreciate any help.
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