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Found 5 results

  1. Hello! This is an updated picture of my fish room dedicated to shrimp for profit. I’m moving only as fast as cash will allow me. I know I could have done more 10s or some 20s, but I wanted my premium RCS in the 20L so that way I can monitor and cull easier. I might add another 10 gallon or a 20. Maybe down the road build another stand for below and put some more tanks on it. Nothing fancy, this is all I can afford currently. No fancy auto water changes or drains (though my washer and dryer are right by it and I could use that drain (TBD)). I have a stingray light coming as well as an Amazon basics long power strip for behind the tanks to clean things up. Just wanted to share what I’m up to. I’m really enjoying this and I love seeing the messages from people saying how they love my shrimp. you can clearly see aquarium coops influence on me. Seen are their sponge filters, I’m getting the finnex light, the Ned trio is sitting there ect. Haha.
  2. I ordered fish online about 2 weeks ago. Was supposed to be a m/f redneck apisto pair. I think they sent me 2 males. Anyone have experience with this happening, mabey what I can expect from the seller? I sent them a email today but have not heard back. I am just trying to get an idea what I should expect.
  3. I am looking for some stocking advice. I have a 90B (3 foot bookshelf tank- 36 inches by 8 x 10 - 12 gallons) that is set up with wood from ADG in Houston, La Plata Sand, dragon stone, a dwarf aquarium lily that has yet to sprout and lots of different Anubias (petite and golden from the coop and some rarer varieties like paxing that I picked up on aqua bid and such). It has lots of filtration (Fluval 307 with 4 pounds of Biohome Ultimate in it). I am adding a pair of Apistogramma macmasteri. I am thinking I would like to add 5-6 Honey Gourami instead of a schooling fish. My question is, can I get away with adding 5-6 panda cories as well? Any other suggestions for stocking would be welcomed. Pic is taken before adding any fish (other than some Clithon corona snails)... ignore the HOB filter, I just have that running with mature media to get the 307 seasoned. I promise the tank will look better soon once the Anubias anchors itself and I can remove the Wood Tight that is securing it to the wood.
  4. do you think it would work? or would the pleco caves work? I don't like how the apisto caves look.
  5. Greetings all! I'm very excited for this forum, I've wanted to ask you these questions for a while but it's tough during a live stream, so this might be a little long. I have been trying to get some sort of breeding going, not for profit but just to say I can. Guppy's and Endlers are easy, I'm skipping them at the moment. I am trying a pair of Apisto Macmasteri. They live in a 20 tall, heavily planted with 3 caves. 78 degrees, 6.8 pH. The female is constantly harassing the male with fin wags and colorful flares. The male is pretty disinterested and doesn't seem to follow her into the cave. The female is older, I had her with another male that was lost to calamanus worms. The current male is younger but I've had him for 5 months now, I would think he'd be ready to go. Any tips on getting the male interested? Is there a feeding/lighting/temperature trick I could try? My other project is 12 white clouds in a 30 gallon bucket pond. This should be easy but I don't see any fry! The pond has lots of cover with hornwort and salvinia (and hair algae), some java fern and anubias on the rocks at the bottom, and a sponge filter. Other than the hair algae, the water is clear. I haven't checked the chemistry recently so I don't have values. I didn't think white clouds would be difficult, any tips for these guys? Thanks and I look forward to chatting with you fish nerds in the future!
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