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Found 5 results

  1. A question for all the plant people out there, please...Why is one of my anubias plants producing new translucent leaves? The other Anubias plants seem to be ok. I do a water change once a week and partially drain water midweek. I use Easy Green twice a week after water changes..5 squirts for my 55 gallon. What do you feel is the problem? Thanks! I
  2. I’m wondering if the Finnex Stingray 2 is too powerful a light for my 29 gallon planted community tank and causing me to have bad algae problems. The algae keeps heavily covering my plant leaves, to which I have to constantly rub off. I currently have crypts, java fern, water sprite, anubias, and vallisneria in it. As well as growing on the plant leaves, a lot of the algae is concentrated on the gravel around the vals and crypts where I have root tabs buried. I currently have 12 neons, 4 corys, 1 red eye tetra, and just added 6 nerite snails to help eat the algae. I keep the light on for 7 hours and water parameters are: temp-75, pH-7.6, ammonia-0, nitrite-0, and nitrates 30ppm. Any help with this would be much appreciated.
  3. I just lost my Anubias coffeefolia to rot. The leaves started to yellow, then the rhizome turned white and mushy. I just pulled it out of the tank to see if there was anything salvageable on the rhizome, but all leaves and most roots fell off. I also have Anubias Golden in the tank, and so far it's growing and no discoloration. Would it be safe to put another Anubias in the same spot as the coffeefolia, or should I put in a different specises? I don't want to kill a second Anubias if the virus or bacteria will linger in the gravel and rocks.
  4. Anubius is defentley my favorite type of plant, with its all of its variations its SUPER simple to keep alive and thriving. You can propergate it anywhere, it could be on a peice of hardscape or in the substrate. I was wondering whats your favorite type of anubius? My favorites probably the nana petite, or the anubius barteri.
  5. I'm talking about this because ACO's most recent newsletter was about it. This is a cautionary tale. A few months ago I bought some anubius from a trusted source and put it in a tank that already had quite a bit of anubius in it. (Okay, so I didn't quarantine it. Guilty.) It quickly started losing leaves. After a few days of this, I checked the plant more closely and noticed that the rhizome was now mushy. I googled it and learned that this was known as anubius rot disease. It's considered uncommon, however it can spread to the other anubius in the tank. Unfortunately this was my experience. Even though I immediately removed the infected plant, I ended up losing all the anubius in that tank within a couple of weeks. I have a lot of anubius in all my tanks and, because it took out plants that had been in there and healthy for months, I'm pretty sure they were infected by the new plant and it wasn't anything I did--if I ignore the fact that I didn't quarantine the new plant. Please note that I still don't quarantine plants.
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