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Found 7 results

  1. First, sorry if I’m just not finding my answer through searching! Second, I’m new here, so yay! I just harvested my first BBS from the Ziss hatchery (nifty contraption). I’m feeding two sets of angelfish fry (I’m a newbie in this area as well). Oldest are 4 1/2 weeks free swimmers, youngest 2 weeks free swimmers. I started with 1 tsp of eggs, and that’s a lot of BBS! I’m wondering a couple things: 1) how often to feed them? (I’m using the turkey baster) & how much? 2) can I keep the BBS with an air stone in a container for a day or two??? 3) any info anyone can share is much appreciated! Thank you!!
  2. I've got an angelfish pair that raised about dozen and half babies to ~1/4 in size (~4 weeks?) in a bare bottom 29 gal with just a few floating plants. I do water changes about 2x a week there as I am feeding the adults 1-2x and the babies 3x daily. However, I am leaving for 3 weeks soon and don't want my house-sitter to have to do any, or only minimal water changes, so I am planning on having all adult fish tanks (which are mostly planted and established) be fed only every other day or less, which is not an option for the babies. I am thinking that separating the babies to their own 20 gal now, so that they could be fed more often than the adults, would be safer than leaving them with the parents during lesser feeding. Can I also slow down feeding the babies to say 1x daily without affecting their well-being in the long run now, or do they still need 2-3x daily feeding regimen? Would you do anything differently about this whole situation? It's my first time leaving for so long, so I thought better to ask beforehand.
  3. Hi, I have been trying to breed my leopard angelfish for a couple months now, It took me some time to get a flat slate and then of course their tank broke ( I live by murphys law if you have seen my other posts) and I had to fit them in my 29 gallon planted tank community tank which they had no problem nipping half the inhabitants of and eating all of my amanos, but I digress. I now have them back in their tank and they keep producing wigglers, I keep missing the eggs for some reason, but everytime i move the wigglers into their ziss breeder box they die within a matter of days. I clean the bottom of the box with a turkey baster for any detritus that has built up but I'm wondering what else I am missing? I think at this point I have watched every video dean has made on angelfish breeding but I'm obviously not getting something.
  4. I have lots of koi angelfish babies.. now the fun of finding new homes for them.. But wanted to share, they are so beautiful (I'm a little biased, I know).
  5. The angle fish fry are two weeks old today doing great have had no losses after they went free swimming, last Friday the pair spawned again this time they didn’t eat the eggs I taped paper over half the tank for privacy as soon as they were wrigglers they moved them from the glass to a leaf and then to another leaf lol anyways they are doing great as well maybe they eat them when they start free swimming time will tell I hope not but wouldn’t be surprised if they did
  6. Hey guys! I thought it would be neat to have a little log of my first time trying to hatch out and raise up angelfish fry! This was this pairs 3rd spawn, but the first that I pulled from the community tank. Laid on 2/5, removed the eggs and put in a jar with MB. Last night 2/8 I saw my first wrigglers, and today 2/9 most are at the wriggler stage! I plan to wait until tomorrow to move them into the 10 gal from the jar, unless others have some advice for me! I will include some pics of parents. Male is a big gold angel, and the female is a petite German blue blushing angel. According to the genetics calculators, all offspring should be Silver Ghost.
  7. First time pulling the eggs should be free swimming soon 🤗
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