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Found 8 results

  1. Hi All! I got some anacharis a few weeks ago that I floated in one of my tanks and it has a lot of new shoots. Yay! The bottoms of the original plants have melted back. Do I trim off the parts that have died back or do I leave them?
  2. Hi All! I recently added some anacharis to my tank and now I have a kind of film on the top of the water around the plants. Admittedly, I didn't treat the plants before I added them to the tank because they came from a reputable source and I wanted the snails (if any) for the peas I have in the tank. It almost looks like an oil slick. What could this be and do I need to be concerned?
  3. Made a mistake at the pet shop and accidentally got aragonite sand instead of normal sand. Is this sand safe for pea puffers and anacharis?
  4. I've been trying to dial in the planted tank for quite a while now, and created an algae farm in the process. I hired a small cleanup crew a week ago, and they are just now figuring out what their purpose is. To consume excess Nitrates I had a large Hornwort island along with some Anacharis ...in addition to the other plants. The Hornwort became a mess of green hair algae, and was decimated by an Alum dip. General peroxide treatments (weeks later) have almost wiped out the remaining Hornwort. The Anacharis is doing very well, but became habitat for black hair algae, and BBA. The Anacharis doesn't seem to be bothered by the peroxide. The Anacharis is restricting the water flow , light, and food. It needs to be trimmed and put in a different tank along with some Wisteria plantlets The primary question is this: Is a peroxide dip or out of tank spray going to be more effective against the algae without being lethal to the Anacharis or Wisteria? Or do I quarantine the cuttings and give them a peroxide treatment. Suggestions? Nitrates: 20-40, Nitrites & Ammonia: 0, Hardness: 300, chlorine: 0, KH: 60, PH: 6.8-7 DIY Lighting: 2650 lumens at 6 hours
  5. i was going to order easy carbon to control the algae growth as a precautionary measure, but i have plants link java moss, Vallisneria and Anachris. if i apply easy carbon on 55 gallon and 40 gallon tank will it be suicidal to the plants. any experiences with same kind of plants.. please advice
  6. The elodea in my pond flowered 🙂
  7. I moved a bit of anachris from one tank to my other and the leaf structure has totally changed. Can anyone shed some light on this?
  8. Can anyone help me to identify what plant is this? It’s the tall one! I bought it from a local pet store and they told me it’s good for beginner and can be planted in a gravel or just leave it floating and they didn’t put the name on it when I was at the store. I want to make sure I can take care of it properly so I can do more research about it. Any helpers would be much appreciated!
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