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Found 15 results

  1. Went to the LFS looking for an otto and/or Amano Shrimp. Left with a Lemon Pleco and a Chinese Algae Eater. They are twinsies.
  2. Never mind the Siam or golden try the new green algae eater!
  3. With everyone being so helpful in the past here with my stocking questions, I have come back with another one. So right now my 55 tank has been progressing along well, and I figured my janitor team could use a new member(s) to help with the green algae. I am trying to figure out what would be a good match for my tank. Right now I have a small school of Black Neon Tetras, a small school of Lemon Tetras, four Varitus Platys, three Pearl Gourami and a school of Peppered Corys. I also have seven Nerite snails. Everybody gets along pretty well and thriving, the Tetras have actually gotten larger then I expected they would My temp is 77.2, PH is 74 and hardness is 10. Tank is a heavily planted low tech set up with tons of driftwood. I do want to avoid Otocinclus. I saw Cory's video on them, but they still feel like they are a bit delicate to deal with, especially since there are lots of good options out there. I see some stuff on twig catfish, which made them look very interesting, but I am open to all ideas.
  4. I have a client that has not maintained his pool in 2 to 3 years there is zero chemicals in it it’s raining it’s all rain water he wants to put some small fish in the well eat some of the algae is there something that would go in there is on the inexpensive side because I’m not a total believer in this. He expressed that he was going to put pond snails in which he meant are the big apple snails that you through concrete in Florida so I’m trying to help them out without destroying his pool in case he wants to change his mind
  5. I need an algae eater in my 75 gallon. This tank already has: Tiger Barbs Dojo Loach Yoyo Loach Rock Catfish (yes rock not stone) It's pretty heavily planted and I think the bioload is very easily managed by plants and bacteria. The tricky thing is getting something that can handle the tiger barbs and activity level of the loach. I mostly have algae on my tank walls and just a little on a plant or two.
  6. Yes, they pulled a lot of the moss apart, as well, but they picked the staghorn algae clean off of the whole tank, leaving plants intact. It took them less than 24 hours to eat every speck of staghorn, which is usually too tough and fibrous for other algae eaters to want to bother with. The moss will grow back, and quite honestly I have more than enough to replace what was eaten or pulled off the wood. People like to say that flagfish are nippy and aggressive, but that is only the case with the males. A group of 3 female flagfish makes an excellent algae management system and they are not territorial like the males are. A group of them will hang out together and they won't usually bother other fish. They're nothing fancy, just a plain little brown and green fish, but they are very active swimmers and they are fun to watch. I wish I had more pictures of the whole tank before I put them in, there was staghorn all over the place... Now it's sparkling clean!
  7. Trying to keep bioload low because of the tank size but wondering what would be considered betta safe that actually eats algae. Not looking to avoid water changes, just keep things clean.
  8. Hey, So I am looking for a smallish fish that eats algae for my pond. My pond is 50* at the lowest. I was thinking rosy barbs, would that work?
  9. Are they worth anything? As in do they even do anything?
  10. Is there anything that would be compatible with a convict chiclid who is very aggressive that would also eat algae she has killed plecos before or should I just keep cleaning it myself
  11. I have a 1 year old 60 gallon canister filter tank. I would say it's moderately planted. This is the current population: 8 tiger barbs 1 rainbow shark 2 dwarf gourami 8 neon tetras 8 unknown danios, forgot what they were when I got them. Around 25 to 50 ramshorn snails. I recently bought some assassin snails to try and curb this. This has been a constant war. Started with 2 a year ago. I used to have cherry shrimp in my old tank but I know the barbs will eat them. Are there any shrimp,crabs, crawfish ect that would be able to live in this setup? I miss the little critters in my new tank. And it would be nice to only have to scrape the glass twice a month instead of weekly
  12. Hello, I have a 75g with 6 panda corydoras, three Hillstream loaches and two nerite snails (and many other community fish). I would love to add my false zebra pleco to the mix. He will get to about 3” but is a baby right now (probably half the size). I have never seen the loaches dining on anything other than the glass, so I have no idea if they’re getting any of the community food, but they’re alive after several months now. I’ve also never seen my pleco eat anything other than surfaces. I put algae wafers in both tanks and the cories are the ones that eat them. Do you think the environment/community can handle all of these algae eaters and bottom dwellers or am I at max already do you think? Would love to hear others’ experiences.
  13. Wanted to chek what do you guys feed your algae grazers fish i have Sewilia Lineolata(hillstream loach), ottocincluses and stiphodon atropurpureus (neon blue gobys). I have repashy super green now what other supplement food could i use? Bacter ae, other repashy foods? I have some algae tabs but those dissolve in dust pretty fast.
  14. Hi, everyone! I have had a low grade black beard algae and spot green algae issue that I've been keeping under control manually (lately removing hardscape & spot treating with H2O2 or Excel with mixed results) and feeding less/less light to try to dial in. I have a hard time keeping my nitrates > 5ppm, even with Easy Green (although I started low to half dose and still had to scale back, as the BBA just exploded when I increased to a half-dose). Mildly (trying to get to moderately) planted tank - mostly slow growing but added some faster species recently. OK - the ACTUAL question is: I'm trying to decide if I should add any sort of algae eater (bristle nose pleco, panda garras, or Siamese Algae Eater are on my short list, although I think only the SAE eats BBA) but I can't find much about their mouth anatomy. The 100g acrylic tank was VERY spendy, and I already have some micro scratches on the side from an "acrylic safe" Seachem sponge the first week I got it - very sad. I don't know if any of those fish have a hard rasp that will create micro scratches over time. Tank info: 10 month old soft water tank, pH 7.6, dGH 2/GH 35 ppm, nitrates 5-10ppm, zero ammonia/nitrite. 5 angels, 3 Bolivian rams, sterbai corys, cherry barbs, rummynose & black neon tetras. Have amano shrimp in my other tank keeping that BBA under a little better control, but I heard they make great (and expensive) snacks for angels. Not interested in nerites as I dislike the look of the eggs. TIA!
  15. What algae eaters (snails, ottos, plecos, shrimp) can put put with Multies in a 20 long? I haven't setup the tank yet and it's my first cichlid tank. Just trying to plan out what's going in the tank. Right now, I'm definitely getting a couple of the Easy Planters with dwarf sag and some Anubias that I'll put on some wood.
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