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Found 3 results

  1. One of my Albino Blue Topaz guppy females delivered fry yesterday. I just received the breeding pairs on Dec 2. One of the females seemed to possibly be pregnant - or she was just wide. A couple of days ago I thought I saw some tiny glowing circles in her belly (albino eyes?), so I was keeping an eye on her. She still wasn't all that big, but she gave birth yesterday. I managed to save four fry that had dug themselves into the substrate. I could only find two fry that were lost to the parents. I had ordered guppy grass a month ago for fry to hide in, but it hasn't arrived yet because of current shipping delays. The gupplets are in their newly cycled tank and doing well so far. In my research (which I stupidly did after ordering them), I learned that Albino Blue Topaz guppies specifically are more difficult to breed than regular black-eyed guppies. It seemed like the problem most often mentioned was the fry were more likely to be eaten by their parents. Does anyone know if that's the difficult part, or are they just more difficult to raise? If the latter, any advice on how to do it successfully? Or is there a problem getting them to breed to begin with? Or maybe they don't breed true? Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  2. I got some albino guppies in the mail on Thursday and one of them died a few hours ago. Another one is showing similar symptoms with the split fin and some blood on the edges of the fins. I'm pretty sure its fin rot, but as I was unable to set up a quarantine tank before hand (no room due to construction), so since none of my other tank mates (12 pygmy cories, 8 albino cories, 2 pygmy gourami, 1 bristlenose pleco, 6 amano shrimp and a bunch of ramshorn snails) have been medicated, I'm dosing the entire 55 gal. The only thing I'm wondering if my ramshorn snails and amano shrimp will be able to survive the quarantine trio meds? PH: 7.0 Nitrates: 10 ppm Nitrite: 0 Ammonia: 0 GH: 300 ppm KH: 60 ppm Temperature: 75.5*F
  3. I got some free guppies to add to my growing tank addiction and I've fallen crazy in love with them! There's a male and female in the group with blue eyes and they're just stunning. A quick google search of "blue eye red guppy" and "red guppy with blue eyes" gave me pretty much nothing so I was wondering... any chance this is actually something quite special that I should dedicate a breeding project to?? I apologize that these photos are no good... they absolutely do not do them justice. The blue eye especially on the girl is like a lampeye killifish, and the male has quite the impressive dorsal. Both are iridescent under the right light, too! One of my week-old fry also has blue eyes so I'm hoping she's similar.
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