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Found 16 results

  1. I wanted to use a supplemental sponge filter with an air stone for my tanks. Two main reasons: 1. extra filtration and gas exchange 2. seeding new tanks I am a new fish keeper with one cycled tank up and running, and two more waiting in the wings. I of course went with Aquarium Co-op sponge filters. The blog posts & vids made set up a breeze, but I think I may have overshot the mark on size vs. purpose. I bought a "Small" for my Fluval Flex 15, based on the product description, but it takes up a lot of space in the tank and is moving a lot of air/water with the Ziss stone in it. The OE filter set up on this tank has great flow already and a multi-position head that is very adjustable. I just bought a "Medium" to go in the Flex 32, but after setting the small up in the 15 today I am thinking I've purchased 2 oversized set ups. My question is essentially this...when you are using these in addition to a good primary filter, should you be going down a size or maybe even two from the recommendations on the website? Is there even more to consider if they are or will be planted tanks (CO2 diffusion)? Thank you for taking the time to read, and I apologize if this is an FAQ that I just couldn't find.
  2. I just started setting up my fish room. Air loop connected to a piston pump from Aquarium Coop. Airline run to a no clog air stone in a matten filter. Stone from AC. Matten from Flips. No bubbles come out of the Matten tube????? Check airline. No kinks. Check airflow by connecting to a sponge filter from AC. No problem-bubbles away happily. Try different no clog air stones from AC in matten filter. Nothing. Has anybody had probs with the no clog air stones? Any advice would be appreciated.
  3. Hi! Is it normal for an airstone to make a lot of noise as the air escapes? I bought two air stones and put in a sponge filter and another straight in the water. The one directly in the water makes noise for every air bubble. The one in the sponge filter is quiet.
  4. I want to install a air stone in my sponge filter but it has that plastic tube could I just cut it off with some wire cutters and install and air stone.
  5. You mentioned that an airstone can be used to quiet a sponge filter. Since the air filter has only one end for an air hose, where do you put it?
  6. Does anyone know what the diffuser on the end of the stiff line into the Hatchery is called? And does anyone know where I could buy some? Thanks Jack
  7. I have a lifegard 24 gallon aquarium that has a built in sump (it occupies the last 2 inches of my aquarium). I’m curious if I can put my air stone in there? Or do I need the air stone in the main part of the tank? I’m already hiding my heater in there so it got me wondering. Thank you.
  8. Hey yall, I wanted to keep the flow down as much as possible for my bettas, so I placed the airstone in the HOB. I was wondering if my setup is effective or if I should just put the airstone in the tank? I've never seen anyone do it so I'm guessing there must be a reason. Video of my setup
  9. Hello everyone, I hope y'all are doing well. I have a question about air stones. I'm currently using an Aquarium Coop nano usb air pump, and a Ziss never clog air stone. The stone itself, not the pump is making an awful whistling noise. The best way I can describe the noise is if you bit your lower lip and try and blow air through your teeth. That high pitched whistling and sputtering noise is what I'm talking about. I've tried other air stones and I still get the same issue. I have also tried putting an air valve on the line and restricting some of the air flow but it seems to make the whistling more intense. I then tried adding a bleed valve instead to bleed off some of the excess pressure and see if that helped and still no luck. I'm just wondering if there's something I'm missing, I don't think I'm doing anything wrong. I've checked the check valve and there's no air escaping from it, it just seems to be the air stones that I'm having an issue with. Ultimately what I'm trying to achieve is just some fine bubbles in the background of my tank, I'm not running a sponge filter or anything. It's a 5gal tank in my bedroom so I was trying to avoid bubbles making too much noise and making my tank sound like a witch's cauldron at night.
  10. Hello, So I purchased the Ziss airstone, Nano pump, tubing and check valve for my 9.5 gallon tank. I do not have a sponge filter so the airstone will not be placed in the filter. I guess I am unsure of how to place the tiny airstone into my aquarium and the whole set up process. The only setups I have seen are for use with a sponge filter. Do I push the little airstone into the substrate? If so, how deep? Thanks!
  11. Ive bought myself a 3-something gallon hexagon tank for my desk. I've got myself a nano usb airpump and neverclog airstone, and some other things from somewhere online to help complete the tank. Id like to ask whether an airstone's vertical placement in the tank makes much of a difference for dissolved oxygen. I understand that some lesser amount of oxygen will not dissolve as air bubbles will travel less distance if the airstone is near the surface. My feeling is that "I want all the oxygens I can get omnomnom" but my curiosity has me considering how much I can get away with. If the difference is minor, I might be able to get away with a 'low flow' tank. This most likely would be terrible as the water volume grows, but for a 3 gallon even 2 inches under the surface is a large percent. -- Besides curiosity, i have an accidentally rimless tank that i would love to grow duckweed as my tank lid. The guppies would love that too. The airstone being near the surface doesn't transfer as much force to disturb the water outwards. If the water surface moves too much duckweed gets unhappy. The tank is lightly planted with some guppy grass and some clay pellet substrate. Also has a wondershell in there. Thanks for reading. 🙂
  12. I am a canister filter user. Intake on one corner and outlet on the other, aimed towards center of the front glass. As Cory mentioned several times the benefits of using an airstone I decided to run one. But no matter what I do where ever I place the air stone, I am having problems with my heater. Sometimes it never goes on or other times it keeps on working. When I shut the air stone, heater operates as it is supposed to and my temps stays where they should. I think it affects the flow. Where can I put it so everything should work as they supposed to. Below isht photo of my tank
  13. We have a 3 gallon cube shrimp tank. At the moment I am running a coop nano sponge filter broke in half. Modifying the sponge filter makes it too small to fit a never clog air stone. I think the tank would do better with more oxygen from the air stone than the minimum filtration a half a nano sponge filter gives. I was curious about other opinions, should I trust my gut and go without a sponge?
  14. I was running the airstone 24/7 but have to admit I like the tank being a little quieter (it's in our living room) during the day time/early evening. I was thinking of just running it at night when the aquarium light is off. Are there any pros or cons to 24/7 vs just at night? Our aquaclear 50 does a great job of filtering but I thought some extra surface disturbance never hurts. I realize the airstone is likely to build up with algae quicker if it's not on all the time but I don't mind giving it a scrub every month or so to make sure it's clear. We run the tank around 76-77 degrees so not too hot. We have a very lightly planted tank currently. Some floating water sprite, a small java fern, and some Christmas moss. I think we will eventually add some hornwort or some other stem plants but that won't be any time soon. Still learning the ropes on aquarium plants.
  15. I've had aquariums for a long time, but never started down the nerm path until more recently - as such, I didn't know about anything other than HOB filters. I put an airstone in my 29gallon, love the bubbles, great agitation. BUT.... now that I'm reading up on sponge filters and the fear of power outage with HOB while out of town for a weekend has bene put into me (hasn't ever happened to me in over 15 years of keeping tanks, but bound to at some point) why would I run a bare airstone instead of a sponge filter (or some other internal type filter run on air)... I mean additional surface area for bacteria seems like it can never be a bad thing, anything that runs on air can be easily powered during an outage and if you're not home it comes back on seamlessly. The only down side I see is that my current airstone is in a cool rock decoration and looks like a little black smoker or something with the bubbles coming out, where as a sponge filter I'd want to tuck away a bit more out of sight... Thoughts?
  16. One fast question how long can you quarantine fish without cycled filter and only with air pump and air stone. And would 3 days without water change be ok?
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