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Found 2 results

  1. Hi. I wanted to share my second go at aquascaping.. I got a 90lt/25 US gallon tall tank for Christmas with the intention of filling it with driftwood and all the extra plants that have popped up everywhere in my nano tanks. However, at the last minute I decided to do something totally different. I wanted a whole tiny landscape, carpeting plants, perspective trickery, crystal clear water and eventually a shoal of tiny fish to swim through the sky. I spent a long time choosing the plants I wanted and settled on Hemianthus callitricoides 'Cuba' as my carpeting plant... I didn't realise this was baby tears 😬 so, we'll see how that does with liquid carbon and not as much light as it would like!😂 I don't actually mind if it doesn't carpet, I think it looks cool tufty. I went for Helanthium tenellum for my grassy Tufts. Christmas moss on top of the rocks and Taxiphyllum on the tree. I used the same Tropica substrate, because I had such great groeth with it before. All the plants I used were in-vitro tissue culture plants and I love them. Unfortunately two pots of the Taxiphyllum wasn't enough to finish the tree so I'll have to order more.. just going to wait a week or so and see what happens with the baby tears. Thanks for stopping by to check it out 😁
  2. What are some common fish you find at your LFS that beginners probably shouldn't get? I'm thinking less about the species that get bigger than you think, get aggressive, etc. -- more so, the overbred, high-turnover species (or those inherently fragile) where the deathclock countdown has begun by the time they make it to the LFS, or just those species that have a higher chance of success in an established tank (e.g., neocardina). I've witnessed friends and neighbors giving up the hobby immediately after losing their first purchase of neons, cardinals, fancy guppies, etc. It's often difficult to figure out what to avoid when a google search gives you a list of common beginner fish -- and often the prevalence of that fish is the very reason you're more likely to get bad stock. Just from personal (and limited) experience and subsequent conversations with employees at my LFS, the tough ones around here include: - Line-bred fancy guppies - Neon tetra - Cardinal tetra - Rummynose tetra - Rams - Dwarf Gourami What else would you add to the list??
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