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Found 4 results

  1. So we started cleaning over the weekend. My son didnt want to stop til we got to this point! He is currently digging out snails from the 20 gallon and a couple shrimp! We have had dreams of getting this out of the attic for 10 years. We had it set long before kids. About 25 years ago! Kids have found great enjoyment in this aquarium adventure since we set up our 20 gal. We mixed red seachem fluorite and what i had left of eco-planted then capped with pea gravel from lowes and accented with some washed pool sand. Still a little cloudy from fluorite. Would like more plants. Need light and heat still. The goal is to add dwarf cichlids(pisto,rams, krabenza), congo tetras, golden wonder killifish, furcata rainbow, pencil and a few other favorites...corys snails ect. Starting with congo tetra. I would like platty or molly not sure if that would work. If any have experience with this combo i would love to read it!
  2. This tank must be 25 years old! Got it when we were first married. Hasnt been used in about 15yrs! We are doing leak test now. A few scratches not enough to make me want to work them out. By the measurements (35"Lx15"Dx16"H) my son figured its about 36 gal. I dont remember that long ago. Doing some research on what type if light i can get and i dont remember if we had a cover. My mind is blank about old set up. We had it bc it was cool. Not bc of enjoyment of the hobby. Its much dif now! I am excited about the research and stocking it. If any have ideas or where to look for ideas on the light or poss lid i am 👀! Thanks!
  3. What is the safest method to remove GSA from inside of an acrylic tank?
  4. Hi there, I was wondering whether anyone has used plastidip on an acrylic aquarium before? I use it on my glass tanks but this is my first acrylic aquarium so I’m not sure… I have read that some people say that is fine and others recommend static cling film instead.
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